I have Accidentally sent All my bat tokens to a Compound Smart Contract

I have mistakenly sent 3291.3349 BATS from my Binance account to a smart contract that I believe belongs to Compound. My intention was to send the bats to my Metamask account, I copied my address from metamask and then pasted it into Binance, but something happened and for some reason the tokens went to a Compound account, my worst mistake and which I regret more It is that when I received the email from binance to approve the withdrawal of the bats, I approved it without first checking if the address was correct.

Please appreciate if someone from the compound team can help me in this regard to see if those BATS can be recovered.

I have lost all the savings that I had :sob:.

Txid 0xa80ac9a72421237a8eb44d85f9bdfb699babb904f59013a7f0ed0e7f4b18f4c4

I’m inclined to help you. I cannot guarantee I can though and if we can get you your BAT back, it will take some time. Please post an address you’d like to receive the BAT at in case we can recover it.

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People from the Compound team have told me it is not possible to recover tokens from that smart contract. So I have already assumed those bats are lost, at least that the ethereum protocol changes in the future and make it possible to withdraw tokens. Thank you for your help.

Hello! If you really wish to help me I would appreciate because i’m really needing the money at this moment. That was everything i had. If you really can do something God will bless you.
I will Pray for that.
This is the address I was trying to send to bats to:


Thank you…