Sent cUSDT fr (CB Wallet) to Binance USDT erc20 address. It has not arrived

Could anyone please offer some support re the sending of cUSDT to a USDT address.

Would greatly appreciate any advice.

I have not slept all night fearing i may not be able to retrieve the missing funds.

If this is a Binance address, then binance would be the best to approach for help as they’re the ones who have access to the private keys of the destination address.

Hope this helps


Hey, Binance finally responded. They claim they cannot return my funds.
The original problem to remind you was cUSDT sent to USDT Binance address.
The response below

"Our tech team has tried their efforts to help you retrieve this deposit, however, after multiples tries, this deposit cannot be retrieved. Please pay attention to token and network next time, we cannot guarantee to retrieve an unlisted token.

Thank you for your understanding and effort on this case"

Sorry to ask, do you have any other suggestions to attempt to resolve this issue ?

Anything would be appreciated…