The receiving address is a tokens contract address

Hi everybody, i’m trying to withdraw Cdai and Cusdt from compound finance since i really need that money ( even with the high eth fees ) and i have this message

The receiving address is a tokens contract address

So i cannot withdraw and i don’t get it …can you please help ?

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You might be confusing the “receiving address” with the address of the contract you are interacting with. You can’t withdraw supplied assets from Compound to another address, only to the address that holds to ctokens.

Well how can i confuse since i don’t do anything other than clicking withdraw from compound and it opens a the windrawal window with that message on the back …

Nobody can help on this issue ?

This seems to be an issue with the wallet you are using. Maybe try connecting your Trezor to metamask?

Can you show the details info? We can decipher that to know what is actually being sent.

I made a picture of the instant , there’s nothing more to share i’m sorry …

No, like rn, you have “Transaction” selected, and to the right, you can select “Details.”

Hi Getty ,

Got it now …here’s the picture …

This is the correct hex data for a withdrawal from cUSDT. There is a bug with the wallet software you are using. Try using your Trezor with metamask.

I tried too but unfortunately, Compound connects to metamask but when i tried to withdraw, it doesn’t pop up to confirm the withdrawal …I completly stuck on that problem…