Market Cap Reached


Today I tried to borrow all the available COMP and failed due to transaction speeds.
It seems that the borrow market cap changes faster than the transaction completion.
As a result the whole transaction fails. One needs to calculate a borrow market cap buffer of the max available manually based on ETH network congestion. I find this as a flaw in the system. I thought that smart contracts are meant to be smart.

I am interested in improving the protocol. Considering the sluggishness of the Etherium network I see that the addoption of the compound for the masses not taking off due to (I would say) silly user experience. What can be done to improve this situation?

I am a new to Compount and I find the idea great! However with every step I make to utilize the protocol I see roadblocks.

check out my post history, cCOMP is a story for all ages

Following Proposal 043, there is now a 2-day review period before proposal voting begins; this significantly reduces the risk (and possibility of success) of malicious proposals.

Historically, COMP had a Borrowing Cap set below 100k COMP, the proposal creation threshold. It should be time to reconsider whether a different Borrowing Cap policy for COMP is necessary, or whether the general policy can apply.