Migrate Contributor COMP Stream to Sablier


Use Sablier for Compound’s token streaming payments, instead of the current solution Compound relies on.

What is Sablier?

Sablier is a protocol for real-time finance available on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which enables the creation of money streams. Similar to streaming a movie on Netflix or a song on Spotify, Sablier lets you stream money in real-time.

For more details, please visit Sablier’s website and FAQ.

Why should Compound use Sablier?

Sablier is entirely free to use, has no token and is a proven solution with (at the time of writing this) a TVL of $1.3B+ according to Etherscan (1, 2). The protocol was created back in 2019 and quickly received support from both MakerDAO. Sablier’s money-streaming solution is used by teams like Shapeshift, mStable, Tornado.cash, Abracadabra.money, dHedge DAO and more for token-vesting and/or payroll.

Streaming on Sablier can be done by either manually interacting with our contracts, using our interface or through our Gnosis Safe plugin, making it a great fit for every use case. The Compound timelock can initiate a new payment stream through a proposal by directly interacting with the contracts.

Compound’s current token-vesting solution essentially relies on an endless COMP stream which can only be ended by a Compound governance proposal, and the streaming solution itself is largely undocumented. Additionally, the current COMP streams are based on block number rather than timestamp. This makes it less than ideal for the long-term. Sablier enables term based payment streams that pay linearly with time and are cancelable before the end of term by payee or payer.



This is a great idea! Definitely think that this should be used for the payment to the auditor that Compound’s governance selects


It is in fact a great idea to stream compound token-vesting to be more accurate and make it easier to handle.

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Sablier is the clear answer to me for all DAO to user streaming situations. I strongly advocate for all new COMP stream to be done via Sablier and migrating any existing streams to Sablier.