Moving cUSDC from one wallet to another

Hi. I’m not a developer. But, I don’t know where to post this. I can’t find the info in any documentation. But, I used a meta-mask and the compound finance app to put my USDC into cUSDC.

I’m wondering if it is safe for me to move the cUSDC token to a hardware Wallet. And, also, at a later date, send the cUSDC back to an exchange, like uniswap, to transfer it back to USDC or whatever other token I want.

cUSDC is like a receipt for your deposited USDC, anyone holding it can get back the USDC (+ interest) that you deposited.

If you are not borrowing anything, you are able to transfer your cUSDC from one wallet to another without any issues.

You are also able to trade cUSDC for other tokens; however, I would not recommend doing this as the liquidity of cUSDC on exchanges is relatively low. Also, something to keep in mind, if Coinbase (or another exchange) accepts USDC, this does not mean you can also send cUSDC there!