Phishing and Brand Abuse protection for Compound

We all know how Phishing affects the space, brands and users.

We would like to offer PHISHFORT services of protection against Phishing and Brand Abuse to the community of Compound so you can have a scam free experience for all users

How we fight Phishing:
We rely on detection through an AI plus a powerful blocklist and integrations to achieve fast takedowns.

  1. Websites and Domains are sorted using Machine Learning Technology. We have designed special harvesters to fetch information from:
  • Newly Registered Domains
  • SSL certificate registrations
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Passive DNS sources
  • Linked asset discovery
  • and 20 more…
  1. Mobile Application Monitoring:
    Google play, AppStore and more than 130 third party app stores. (We cover everything that Google can find on third party app stores)
  2. Social Media
    We monitor major platforms with harvesters tailored designed for each of them. We don’t only have a way of finding threats that are already set there but we have ways of engaging with scammers for a proactive approach.

Everything we find is filtered and organized and it has a final layer of supervision done by our team of Cybersecurity Professionals. They work 24/7 (we have teams in different time zones). If they decide that it is an ongoing attack that needs to be taken down :arrow_right: goes to our BLOCKLIST.

Phishfort BLOCKLIST:

  • Every attack we find is blocklisted.
  • Our Blocklist is consumed by many actors: Web Browsers, Anti viruses, Internet providers, specific Web 3 actors (like Metamask) and many others. It currently reaches more than 418 MAU
  • This is instantaneous and it creates a FIRST LAYER OF DEFENSE before the takedown happens.
  • After the takedown is completed it remains on our blocklist for a year, preventing future attacks on the same url.

The removal of the URL, the social media account or the app.

:globe_with_meridians:We do it through a wide network of registrars and host providers. With some we are directly integrated with.
:spiral_notepad: Everything we do it’s based on evidence collection. We know what they require to execute a takedown
:iphone: Managed Intervention : Our takedown process is totally hands free - we don’t require you to lift a finger.
:judge: Legal team on board. We use legal procedures like DMCA.
:hourglass_flowing_sand: Real time tracking: Follow and track the entire process on our dashboard.


  1. Compound will have a private communication channel (Telegram or Slack) and the people in that channel are the professionals working for Compound 24/7. They answer in the moment and you can report anything that you want us to analyze or take down.
  2. Free plugin: we have a free browser plugin that feeds out from our Blacklist. You can check if we have flagged a site as dangerous or not and you can report a site to take down.
  3. The Dashboard: you will have access to the dashboard where we show all the information of every incident that we find. In the dashboard you’ll find the third way that you can report an incident to us.

Some of the projects that we protect are: Metamask, MEW, Pancake Swap, 1inch and many others.

Protection Package:

Unlimited takedowns package. The package includes detections and unlimited takedowns. The price is 2000USD per month.
Annual Contract. On acceptance of this Proposal and PhishFort Services Agreement, the PhishFort Managed Service can commence. Payments will be performed quarterly. Exclusive proposal for Compound.

Hoping that the Compound Community can find this proposal appealing to discuss. I’ll be available to answer any questions that you may have.