Remember adding MKR?

Hey everyone! Anyone remember the poll in 2019 for what two next tokens will be added? The winners were Tether and Maker. Tether has been added, and while we are talking about adding TUSD, shouldn’t we focus on adding what we said would be added earlier on?


I agree. I’d like to see another asset added soon. We would need a poster for the MKR price feed first.


Yes but coinbase already supports it?

True, but they aren’t posting for the open oracle. @rleshner would you be able to request for them to add MKR? I’m sure you have better connections at Coinbase than me.

Yes. I believe prices come from coinbase pro? what the difference? Maybe coinbase pro doesn’t support mkr, although I have no clue

Coinbase Pro does support MKR although it has low volume. Only 893 (~$530k) traded in the past 24 hours. Not sure if this is why they don’t post the price.

If this is the case, then it is yet again another argument to make Chainlink our primary oracle. It is a shame to miss out on new collateral types because Coinbase cannot adequately support them.

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I think adding MKR is a great idea, although I wouldn’t feel comfortable with the standard 60% CF given that the oracle (Coinbase) is not good quality. I suggest we vote MKR in with a <25% CF and increase the CF once a better oracle solution is in place.

Coinbase doesn’t support MKR at all through the open oracle. We would need to find an alternative oracle before adding it.

could we do something like adding okex and taking the price from okex?

OKEx doesn’t report MKR price either.

I quite agree with you.