Request for Protocol Improvement Ideas (and COMP Grant Eligibility)

There are currently over 180,000 COMP custodied in the Comptroller, which are available to be granted to developers who pass successful proposals through the Governance process (similar to what we witnessed in proposals 022, 023, and 030).

In order to spur conversation around good uses for COMP grants, I wanted to pose a question to the entire Compound community, whether you’re a developer or not:

What improvements to the Compound protocol do you most want to see implemented or explored?

It would be fantastic to begin a thread/conversation that results in a list of most-wanted modifications to the protocol, sourced organically from the community. Please reply to this post with any of your ideas, desires, or requirements! No idea is too ambitious, too crazy, or too experimental.

If your idea is already posted, or you admire someone else’s idea, click the Heart button on their post. This will give us all a sense of which posts, with the most Hearts, are most desired by the most people.

As an example, here’s a potential format for presenting an idea below:

Example: Add [Asset Name] to the Protocol


Write a few sentences explaining why you think this change should be made to the protocol. How would the change benefit users? What are the potential risks and considerations?

Integration Steps

If possible, start to describe the steps that might be needed to implement the change. If you don’t know all the steps, that’s fine! Even a light framework could be very helpful to other community members.

For example, for adding a new asset:

  1. Set new Price Feed address
  2. Add to Comptroller
  3. Set Collateral Factor
  4. Transfer COMP from Comptroller to developer address

That’s it! I hope we’re able to collect some great ideas in this thread, in the interest of making the Compound protocol better and more useful for users, developers, and others in the crypto community. I’m excited to hear your thoughts.


Add NMR to the Protocol:

Participants in the Numerai tournament stake NMR on their predictions to earn more NMR. Participants often want to increase their stake to reflect their confidence that their models will continue to have good performance. However, participants might not be comfortable sacrificing their exposure to other crypto assets to increase their investment in NMR. Alternatively, long-term NMR holders do not receive any interest or return on their holdings. Adding NMR to Compound would match these potential lenders who expect to continue to hold NMR with tournament participants who expect to earn NMR. This would provide holders with a stable return and allow participants to increase their stakes without the opportunity cost associated with selling their other cryptocurrencies for additional NMR.

Numerai is a new kind of hedge fund built by a network of data scientists. It uses NMR to incentivize anonymous data scientists around the world to collaborate to create predictive models for global equities. It was founded in 2015 by Richard Craib and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. NMR is paid out to participants (or burned) each week as a percentage of their staked NMR, based on how accurate their predictions were over 1 month of evaluation on live stock market data. NMR is not paid out based on actual hedge fund performance and NMR holders do not otherwise receive any dividend or return based on hedge fund performance.

The Numerai Tournament currently has >229,000 NMR staked. NMR has a marketcap of $131M (per CoinGecko) and a daily trading volume on Coinbase of >$5M.

Integration Steps
NMR is tradeable on Coinbase already so I believe the price feed and integration should be similar to other assets.