Unable to supply COMP token

I am unable to supply COMP token via Compound Dashboard.
Approve COMP worked, however when I try to supply Metamask gives me the error “mint failed”

Is this a problem on my side or a problem on the Compound protocol?

Geoff H: Okay, I dug into the issue with supplying cCOMP. As far as I can tell, it’s an issue with Ledger itself (unless there are other issues), specifically, I wrote a fix for Ledger to merge here: Remove Errant erc20OfInterest Segments by hayesgm · Pull Request #15 · LedgerHQ/ledger-asset-dapps · GitHub

FYI, this was an issue with Ledger. They merged and deployed that pull request, which has resolved the issue for users I’ve spoken with.

Hello, did you find solution to your problem? Having same probleme . Thanks in advance

You’ll need to go around the problem with supplying it to compound like use another protocol even if it’s a temporary one you don’t use and just pay your way around to supply it to thee protocol I do🤧