Can't mint cCOMP tokens

I’m likely doing something wrong here or misunderstanding something so I’d rather ask and be corrected than attempt to fix it myself and lose my crypto in fees.

To start, I bought Ether and COMP on Coinbase, transferred them to my Ledger Nano S and now I’m supplying Ether to Compound and I was given cETH. All is well on that front.

I thought the process would be the same for COMP, I could supply it like I do Ether. Instead of minting cCOMP, it approved the COMP for trading on the contract: relevant Txn. So I thought that I haven’t actually supplied it yet so I attempt to supply it, approved on my Ledger, and nothing happens. The Compound app keeps waiting for an approval from my Ledger.

Considering that the transaction I linked cost me Ether, I thought it already been supplied. This isn’t the case, both my Ledger and the Compound app say the COMP is attached to my wallet.