Upgrade COMP distribution model. (Incentivized pools)

Why: Current COMP distribution model heavily weighted towards allocating capital in one, most efficient way, namely DAI market and basically directing pretty much all of the distribution towards specific capital, interested in “farming”. Current implementation was a temporary solution intended to solve massive gamification of system happening at introduction. Currently system allows to just extract value, with little to no benefits in development of protocol.

How: Instead of dispersing all COMP at current system, i suggest decrease current distribution by 30 to 50% (for example let’s take 30%). So from current 2300 COMP per day, distribution under current mechanism will go to 1700 COMP per day.

Another 700 COMP per day i suggest to disperse in different way, on top of current system.

I propose to set individual parameter for each existing pool, which could be set/changed by governance, controlling how much COMP per block that particular market recieve as incentive. Inside of market same 50% supply/borrow mechanic remain, as it proved to work fine so far.

That distribution should happen on top of current distribution, allowing for governance to route incentives to stimulate usage of markets which community think appropriate and in amount which could be decided by governance, and which also could be changed in future.

As a conservative strategy i also suggest to set that parameters for reasonable amount of time like at least month, not like changing every week or so, for capital providers to be able to plan and adjust their strategies.

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Sirokko, this is a great suggestion.

Currently, each market is weighted proportional to borrowing demand, but alternate approaches could be simpler, and more fair. Over the past few months, many projects have experimented with incentive design, and being able to customize incentives could be a valuable tool for the community.

One possible approach (which would require community development) would be to replace the current refreshCompSpeed() function (and flags for which markets are enabled for the COMP Distribution), with a setCompSpeed(market) function callable by Governance.

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