Where can i sell CETH?

Hi. Where can i change or sell CETH? A y exchange? Thanks

You don’t normally need to sell/buy cEth. cEth is a representation of Eth supplied to Compound. It is created when Eth is supplied and converted back to Eth when is redeemed. If holder directly sell his cEth, he will lose his Eth at Compound together with it.

For example: user had 1 eth, he suplied it to Compound and now have let’s say 50 cEth. Now if user sell 50 cEth, he will have 0 Eth in Compound also, it will be gone together with cEth, and buyer will be able to redeem it from Compound for 1 Eth + interest accrued.

So simple answer, normally you don’t sell cEth, you just convert it back to Eth from Compound if you need it. But since it’s a ERC20 technically you can directly trade it. You can check Uniswap, but you can expect very low liquidity.

The gas cost of trading on a DEX is generally lower than making a deposit or withdrawal with Compound. Incentivizing liquidity for cTokens (eg. ETH/cETH) could be an interesting initiative, helping smaller users benefit from Compound.

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My company makes a few cETH markets on Airswap, which is integrated with MetaMask. We price your cETH like its equivalent ETH. As @monet-supply mentioned, swapping cETH directly can save you a lot on redemption gas. Using on-demand OTC markets such as Airswap reduces capital requirements for market-making and eliminates the need for AMM incentives.

This link no-longer works but Airswap now supports the swap feature in Metamask.