Where I can stake/farm my COMP?

I have been farming COMP and now I am interested in hodling them but ideally put them to work while doing that.

Do you have any pointers on where to make the most of my COMP holdings (staking, farming) ?


Take a look at PoolTogether and the COMP pool where you deposit COMP and farm POOL with ~%8 APR currently. POOL is the governance token of the PoolTogether protocol.

When depositing COMP to the PoolTogether COMP pool you’ll also be eligible to win every week the accrued prizes in the COMP pool. It’s a win-win!

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https://zapper.fi/farm aggregates various DeFi platforms and you can filter by ticker (COMP in this case)

Sweeeet. Meant to take part in PoolTogether for too long now :slight_smile: