Add Tally Wallet as a Compound wallet connection option

Proposal Summary
The proposal is to add Tally Wallet as one of the wallet connection options on Compound.

The Pull request has been submitted and is pending review: Add tally integration by 0xzoz · Pull Request #60 · compound-finance/compound-components · GitHub

The Tally button will show below Metamask and above Ledger. Because Tally and Metamask are both injected wallets and to handle the UX.

What will it bring to Compound
Integrating Tally will allow Tally wallet users to seamlessly connect and interact with the Compound protocol. Being an early integrator could be beneficial to both Compound and the Compound Community as well.

Some of the already completed integrations include Synthetix, Yearn and Saddle. Furthermore a long list of projects has agreed on integration and are currently executing.

Introduction to Tally
Tally is the first Open Sourced, Community Owned and Operated Web3 Wallet, and is a direct response to some of the recent changes in the MetaMask license and code that Consensys has made.

MetaMask is no longer open sourced, has made preparations to be able to Geoblock users based on their country and is earning an incredible amount of money through fees that flow directly to a select few.

Tally is determined to change that, by being

  • Open Sourced GPLv3 license (Tally · GitHub)
  • Community Owned, fair launched
  • Community Governed through the Tally DAO
    • Fees generated flow back to the DAO
    • Having a DAO owned Product Roadmap
  • Supportive to public goods
    • Contributing 1.25% of the total token supply to Gitcoin Grants

How will Tally achieve this
Through building a product based on the users needs, by listening to and building with the Community.

Some of the short term features will include in-wallet swapping, in-wallet earning, hardware wallet support without the need for additional applications, significant gas cost reductions, multi-chain and L2 support and loading accounts through multiple recovery phrases in one extension.

On the mid term current planned features include DEX limit orders, security improvements by contact verifications, improved UI/UX for transaction signing, portfolio tracking, community owned token lists and more.

Furthermore being open sourced will allow to develop at a higher pace and enables the right people with specific expertise to contribute where possible. External devs have already started building on top of Tally, for example the teams of KeeperDAO and RSK.