Add GameStop Wallet as a Compound wallet connection option

The proposal is to add GameStop Wallet as an option when connecting on Compound. GameStop recently released a wallet. There are 50k+ downloads for the browser wallet, and incredible reviews. The product is fantastic.

The overview can be found here:

Reviews can be found here:

Compound would be an early adopter. GameStop has a large user base across many verticals, including crypto, investing, research, gaming, collecting, and are notorious for embracing communities that are on a mission. I can’t speak for the GameStop community as a whole, because it is too large and diverse, but I can confirm that GameStopNFT’s team would highlight this on twitter and/or elsewhere.

This would be a “tip of the hat” to a community (GME) that aligns with Compound’s. I would anticipate a lot of new members wanting to learn, contribute and participate here and in the protocol in general!

And of course, I am happy to send along more information, answer any questions, or clarify in any way!

Nate Smith