Proposal: Integration of OKX Wallet into the Compound ecosystem

OKX Wallet - Compound Voting Proposal
Proposal: Integration of OKX Wallet into the Compound ecosystem


The OKX Wallet stands out as a comprehensive, heterogeneous multi-chain wallet supporting over 80 public chains. We have a large user base of around 14 million and a daily active user count of 650,000. Our wallet offers a unified experience across various platforms. It encompasses Wallet Dashboard, DEX, EARN, NFT Marketplace, and DApp Exploration functionalities, catering to a wide range of user needs. Furthermore, our wallet includes advanced features such as AA account abstraction support, MPC wallet creation, cross-chain exchange, and hardware wallet integration.
We are writing this proposal to propose the addition of OKX Wallet as a direct log-in method for Compound. As the compound ecosystem continues to grow, it’s important to expand the options for users to connect their wallets seamlessly. OKX Wallet, with its diverse features and broad user base, could provide a valuable addition to the Compound platform.


We propose the integration of OKX Wallet for Compound, offering users a streamlined and secure means of interacting with the platform and simplifying the wallet login methods for more users. This strategic partnership between Compound and OKX Web3 will enhance the ecosystem’s capabilities, foster increased engagement, and contribute to the broader adoption of decentralized finance solutions.

Benefits of Adding OKX Wallet:

  1. Diverse User Base: OKX Wallet has gained notable recognition in the APAC region, comprising about 40% of its user base, which introduces a complementary user base to Compound. This diverse user base brings different perspectives and market behaviors to Compound’s ecosystem. Leveraging OKX Wallet’s presence in APAC can help Compound expand its user demographics, fostering global participation, and strengthening the resilience of its ecosystem.
  2. Comprehensive Features: The wallet’s comprehensive suite of features, including DEX, Earn, NFT Marketplace and Dapp Exploration access, significantly enhances the user experience within Compound. This expanded functionality provides Compound users with a myriad of opportunities and interactions
  3. Enhanced Accessibility: Adding OKX Web3 Wallet would enable Compound users to manage their assets across various blockchains, offering more flexibility.
  4. User Security: The wallet’s self-custody model aligns with Compound’s focus on secure and decentralized management of assets.
  5. Multi-Platform Support: OKX Wallet’s availability on desktop, web browsers, iOS, and Android devices would cater to the preferences of a wide range of users.
  6. Strong Operation Supports: OKX Web3 offers a range of operation activities on our OKX platform which has the potential to significantly amplify Compound’s user base and trading volume. By leveraging these resources, we are confident in our ability to attract a wider audience to the compound ecosystem.

Proposal Details:

We propose the following steps for adding OKX Wallet to the Connect Wallet List for Compound:

  1. Integration Development: Collaborate with the OKX team to develop a secure and seamless integration that allows Compound users to connect their OKX Wallets to the Compound platform.
  2. User Education: OKX Web3 will create educational resources, guides, and tutorials to assist users in connecting and using their OKX Wallets on Compound.
  3. Testing and Auditing: Conduct thorough testing and security audits to ensure a smooth and secure user experience.
  4. Community Communication: Announce the addition of OKX Wallet to the Connect Wallet List through official Compound channels, informing the community about the expanded wallet options.
  5. Other Following Operations: Co-mkt promotion campaigns including (1)Free-Gas Campaign, (2)Treasure Hunt and (3)Giveaway, DeFi AMA panel, extensive PR news across top English and Chinese social media platforms and OKX Earn integration.


Adding the OKX Wallet to the Connect Wallet List for Compound aligns with Compound’s commitment to user empowerment, accessibility, and security. By broadening the choice of wallets available to users, Compound has the opportunity to cultivate a more inclusive and versatile platform, catering to various categories of web3 activities. We believe this proposal will contribute positively to the compound ecosystem, enhancing its capabilities and user base.

Technical Integration Docs:

For OKX Wallet integration docs (including 2 parts: web extension and mobile version) :

Official Website: Crypto, Bitcoin & Web3 Wallet | NFTs, DeFi, Web3 Portal | OKX
Discord: OKX