Sales activities for exchanges

As you all know.

OKcoin has started asset management using Compound.

@Leshner Is this something that OKcoin has done voluntarily?

Taking a cue from this example, Defi has also decided that it cannot win contracts just by waiting.

So, how about we start a Marketing T in the community (or even individually) and market to the exchanges to get them to use Compound?

We can give Comp to those who get contracts(we can discuss how many). .

If this idea is realized, there will be benefits for both parties.

The exchanges would not have to do the operations themselves.

The Compound will be able to attract users.


Love the idea, perfect thing for a grants/contributor committee.

With great ideas like yours, you would be a great fit to help continue this process.

Amazing Idea, big supporter here!

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OKCoin developed their Earn product permissionlessly, and entirely on their own.

@tatsuzou12 having an integration bounty (on top of the COMP distribution itself) is a creative idea.

If developers (whether that’s an exchange, wallet, etc) need resources in order to develop a solution, they could propose a COMP grant from governance; eventually, a grant committee could handle this work.



I think this would be a perfect place for that. Who knows devs more than devs?

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In the US, the Federal Bank has issued a report on Defi (see link below)

It is predicted that stablecoins will start to be issued in the future.

[Decentralized Finance: On Blockchain- and Smart Contract-Based Financial Markets | St. Louis Fed]

If possible, I’d like to do some marketing to existing financial institutions!

Also, looking at the actions of Robin Hooders in the US, I think we need to approach app and wallet developers.

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you are exactly on point!

the paper is by Dr. Fabian Schaer, my favorite at UBASEL.

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