BAL listing Proposal

  1. Initiate CIP-2 BAL listing Proposal
  2. Check the information one by one according to the Checklist
  3. Check the oracle BAL / USD | Chainlink

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Hi @ClairvoyantLabs - I see you’re mentioning the CIP process here. Are you intending to submit a CIP to list BAL?

If so, I’d recommend taking a stab at better defining the asset listing process in general through a Meta Process CIP and use a BAL listing as a test case for flushing out the process.

For example, one starting consideration that could be part of the process is which market a proposed asset should be listed on: V2, Comet USDC, Comet WETH, etc?

We do not intend to lead the launch of this proposal, and we have no relationship with Balancer.

We have the process but never push any assets according to the process, which is the most important problem.

If we had to choose one, we would like it to be Comet USDC.

Thanks for your explanation.