Build a Compound module on the Kirobo Visual Builder

Hello Compound Community,

I’m Mario from Kirobo dot io, a team dedicated to making smart contract interaction and creation more accessible and intuitive for everyone. We have developed a visual builder for smart contracts that transforms coding and contract calls into an easy-to-understand, low-code environment.

We are integrating other DeFi protocols into our visual builder, allowing users to easily link calls and processes between different contracts, so far we have Aave, Uniswap, and Chainlink. This tool essentially makes the creation of intricate smart contract interactions as simple as connecting Lego bricks.

Here’s where Compound comes in. We believe Compound’s lending protocol would be an excellent addition to our platform. Our vision is to build a module that seamlessly integrates Compound’s contracts, specifically focusing on key features such as price feeds and liquidation.

With this module, DeFi users and developers can visually understand and interact with Compound’s smart contracts, allowing them to more intuitively manage their assets and leverage Compound’s protocol. We believe this could significantly enhance the user experience and promote wider adoption of DeFi, particularly Compound’s protocol.

But for this module to reach its full potential, we would need the Compound team’s expertise and insight. We’re reaching out to invite your team to a collaboration on the construction of this module. And we would love to take this discussion to the community too - how about joining us on our weekly Twitter Space to discuss the potential and inner workings of this integration? We have had Rocket Pool already, in fact we will be building something with them soon. The next in the pipeline is Balancer, FYI.

We believe that with your support and collaboration, we can build a module that truly brings the power of Compound to the users’ fingertips. Let’s make DeFi more accessible and engaging together.

Please let us know your thoughts or point us to the right person to talk to about this.
Looking forward to creating something extraordinary together!