Compound Kit for Developers: Progress Sharing & Feedback Request

Hello Compound Community,

We’re developing the Compound Kit as part of a Compound dev tooling grant, aiming to empower developers in the Compound ecosystem. The product architecture is now ready, and we’re eager to incorporate your valuable feedback to improve it.

All thoughts, suggestions, and questions are welcome. Your insights will significantly contribute to the progress of this project.

The Compound Kit

The Compound Kit empowers developers to rapidly build applications and enhance user experiences with the Compound protocol.

Building an application on top of the Compound protocol can be a challenging and time-consuming process due to the inherent risks associated with smart contracts, and the complex calculations and encoding required for various use cases; such as: collateral swaps, self-liquidation, leveraging, and zapping.

The Compound Kit eliminates the need for developers to spend time and resources on building and maintaining their own smart contracts. By leveraging Protocolink, a router system that specializes in bundling multiple functions, developers can add more use cases in a highly modular way without deploying new contracts, and significantly reducing user risk. By providing practical use cases, it empowers developers to build applications more easily while reducing the time and costs associated with development and maintenance.

Compound Kit Architecture

Logics: the above illustrates the actions performed during execution, such as approval, swap, supply, borrow, flash loans, and so on.


Developers can utilize the Compound Kit in their frontend or backend services. With the use cases supported by the Compound Kit, they can easily generate transaction data or utilize it even for complex transaction scenarios. This significantly lowers the barrier for developers, allowing them to focus on providing a better user experience and infrastructure.

Compound Kit API/SDK

The Compound Kit API and its SDK generate and return transaction data based on the specified use cases. They provide estimated execution results, calculate the optimal path for each use case, and forward protocol logics to Protocolink.

The overall architecture places reusable logics at Protocolink’s level, including functions such as: collateral supply, base supply, collateral withdrawal, base withdrawal, claims, borrowing, repayment with Compound v3 smart contracts, and the use of flash loans and swaps. The Compound Kit leverages Protcolink to provide a minimalist interface that enables applications to offer one-click functionality with the Compound Protocol. Use cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Collateral swap
  • Self-liquidation
  • Leverage
  • Zap


Protocolink is a versatile router system proficient in processing ERC20, NFTs, and lending positions. This provides users and developers greater flexibility when creating transactions across different protocols. It covers all reusable logics, can bundle various protocol functions into a single transaction, and further provides an easy-to-integrate API and SDK, like the ones mentioned in the Compound Kit.

Protocolink is designed with extensibility in mind. As the reusable logics are maintained at Protocolink, it’s easier to provide new APIs in the Compound Kit when there’s a new use case. For example, if Compound v4 is released, the logic in Protocolink (such as repayment and withdrawal from Compound v3) can be reused to support a position migration API in the Compound Kit.

Compound Kit Example - Leverage

Building leveraged positions on the target token.


  • getSupportedChainIds(): Returns the supported chain IDs.
  • getSupportedMarketIds(): Returns the supported market IDs for the respective chain.
  • leverage.getTokens(): Returns the tokens available for use in the market.
  • leverage.getQuote(): Returns the anticipated position changes to display, approvals/permits to sign, and leverage positions logic.
  • buildTransactionRequest(): Returns transaction data for leveraged operations.

Logics behind

  • Initiates a flash loan of the leverage token.
  • Deposits the leverage token to the user.
  • Borrows the base token from the market.
  • Swaps the base token to the leverage token.
  • Repays the flash loan with a fee.
  • Deposits the remaining tokens, if any.


In executing the above operations, three types of fees may be involved:

  • A fee charged for conducting the swap (the rate depends on the DEX used).
  • A cost for utilizing flash loans. This rate depends on the service provider, as well as an additional 0.05% rate charged by Protocolink.
  • A fee related to the initial fund deployment or borrowing process, set at 0.2% rate by Protocolink.

Please note that this fee structure may be subject to change as our service grows, in line with our long-term goal of building and supporting the ecosystem.

Moreover, the fees generated by Protocolink can be shared in a 50:50 ratio with the developers who initiate the transaction. This arrangement aims to encourage more developers to utilize the Compound Kit and further expand the Compound ecosystem.

Conclusion and Next Steps

We are sharing the architecture of the Compound Kit to garner feedback from the Compound community. Additionally, we are aiming to successfully complete Milestone 1. Upon its completion, we’ll progress to Milestone 2 as outlined in our Questbook grant proposal (link). Our ultimate goal is to simplify development processes, thereby expanding the Compound ecosystem. We look forward to your valuable feedback and continued support.


Hello Compound Community,

We’re excited to announce a major step forward in our project - the completion of the Leverage API within our developing Compound Kit. At this stage, both the Compound Kit and the Protocolink are in beta, with contracts deployed on Polygon and Arbitrum, and we’re inviting the community for testing.

Additionally, Protocolink, which underpins the Compound Kit, enables execution of customized bundled transactions. It can facilitate position migrations, zaps, and many other use cases that empower developers like you to build intent-centric applications. Try here: Protocolink API

We’re eager for you to join our beta testing, and provide us with your invaluable feedback. Feel free to DM or reach out to @blakehot or @zdhu on Discord. Your insights will significantly contribute to the refinement and development of our project. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Hey Compound Community!

We’re thrilled to share our recent milestone with you all: The Compound Kit is now ready for its Beta Launch, complete with comprehensive documentation.

What’s the Compound Kit? (Or the Compound Intent Kit)

It’s a robust toolkit designed to simplify and enhance your Compound experience. We’ve been hard at work, and now we’re reaching out to this fantastic community for feedback and testing.

Features Include:

  1. Support Across Multiple Markets: We’re now live with Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Polygon!
  2. Open-Sourced SDK & API: Dive deep, customize, and play around. You can find our GitHub links and interactive API testing via Swagger in the documentation.
  3. Tenderly Simulation: For a detailed peek, check out the Tenderly simulation results of the transactions generated by our API.

Calling All Developers!

Your insights, feedback, and hands-on testing would be invaluable. We’re especially eager to hear from developers who can try out our API and SDK. By doing so, you’ll be helping us fine-tune our toolkit, ensuring it meets the high standards of the Compound community.

Get Started:

  1. Compound Kit Overview
  2. SDK & API

Let’s make the Compound experience even better, together! Drop your feedback, suggestions, or questions right here, and our team will be on standby to assist.

Cheers to continuous innovation! :rocket:


Compound-Kit Production Release Announcement

We are excited to announce that Compound-Kit is now officially released for production! This significant achievement is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the development experience within the Compound protocol ecosystem.

For anyone interested in exploring more about Compound-Kit or if you have any questions, we warmly welcome you to join the discussions on Compound Discord or Furucombo Discord.

Compound-Kit, as an open-source SDK/API, empowers developers to rapidly build robust applications, optimizing user experiences with the Compound protocol. It simplifies complex tasks associated with smart contract interactions and leverages Protocolink’s modular design to reduce development time and user risk.

To learn more about Compound-Kit and start building, please visit our documentation at Overview - Protocolink. Also, you can find out more about the grant on Questbook proposal (link)

We look forward to seeing the innovative applications you will create with Compound-Kit!