CompoundKit Online Workshop Hosted by Furucombo

Hello Compound community! I am Blazar with the Furucombo team, and I am here today to promote our free online workshop which will be hosted by us for the CompoundKit! The CompoundKit is a developer tool SDK that utilizes the Protocolink API to facilitate developers to build into their protocols basic or advanced lending actions on Compound V3.

This includes basic actions such as borrow, deposit, withdraw, repay, and advanced actions like collateral swap, debt swap, leverage, deleverage, and zap in/out of lending positions. The benefit of this is that it allows developers to create products without developing new smart contracts, resulting in significantly lower user risk, as well as reduced developer time. Some estimates show that developer time was reduced by over 77%.

To learn more about the CompoundKit, you can find the details on our documentation page.

What You Will Learn:
In our online workshop, we will show you how to get started with using the CompoundKit to develop these features into your protocol.

We will first discuss the preliminaries on the Protocolink API, and how to get set up using the Lending SDK. Then, we will delve into basic and advanced lending actions, where we will show you how to utilize our CompoundKit to perform these transactions.

These advanced actions will include opening positions, leveraging positions, deleveraging, collateral swaps, debt swaps, and zaps. In this online workshop, we will provide an in-depth example on how you can set up a leveraged long, and how to perform a deleverage.

This gives you the ability to add functionality to your platform via these advanced actions, or bundle transactions together to streamline the user experience. Our SDK will continuously be updated to include the most requested features by our community so you know that you’ll always be at the cutting edge of this innovative space by utilizing our CompoundKit.

When & Where:
The CompoundKit online workshop will be hosted in the Furucombo community discord on May 27th at 11pm EST. We will create an event for the workshop that you can join on the Discord so you don’t miss out on this free workshop.

This will be an interactive workshop, therefore we will only have available space for 10 participants. We want to ensure that everyone gets enough one on one time in order to answer any questions or concerns that people have during the workshop.

Please let us know if you would like to attend by responding via this post and we will add you to the list to join this free workshop.

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