Can not withdraw from Compound app using Ledger

Ledger account gets connected to Compound app. But when I try to withdraw, the green circle keeps spinning and nothing happens.
I tried connecting Ledger with MetaMask and the same thing happens. I can not withdraw the funds from Compound.
Anyone having similar issues? Is there a fix?

I e-mailed Ledger; they replied with a list of supported apps. Compound was not one.
I am new to Compound in general; I started because their associate with CoinBase and Ledger but I can only attach my CoinBase account.

Have you learned anything new since posting?

There’s nothing complicated in using Ledger with Compound or pretty much anything else in DeFi. You connect Ledger to Metamask, and then interact with everything with Metamask. (Basically you use Ledger via Metamask) Pretty much always you will be in better position than trying to use Ledger directly with less issues and more options in configuring your transactions like adjusting gas, gas limit, nonce, speeding up transactions, etc. Security-wise it’s same. Your keys always stays in your Ledger, and you would need to confirm every action with it.


Here’s a guide from Ledger: The Safest Way to Use MetaMask With Ledger | Ledger