Co-Sponsoring the Future of Blockchain University Hack

Katerina | Encode :sparkles:

Proposal summary
Encode is requesting that the Compound Grants Program adds a total of $14,500 in co-sponsorship for our upcoming Future of Blockchain University Hackathon! Our aim here is to onboard more web3 devs into the Compound ecosystem and encourage builders to create innovative solutions in the space!

Why should Compound co-sponsor a hackathon?
We have a great track record of running successful hackathons, check out some examples here: Next Video Build, Starknet, Tezos, Hack DeFi and many more!

More specifically, by co-sponsoring this event, Compound will:

  • elevate its brand visibility

  • demonstrate its commitment to supporting the future of DeFi

  • grow its ecosystem as it gains developers and enthusiasts to collaborate on building innovative DeFi solutions

By partnering with Encode Club and investing in the next generation of blockchain developers, Compound will continue to solidify its position as an industry leader in DeFi.

What would co-sponsoring the University Hack entail for Compound?
Compound would receive the benefits of our Silver-tier sponsorship package! This would include

  • a 60-minute technical workshop

  • dedicated marketing from Encode’s side

  • the possibility of setting 2 bounties

  • speaking slots at the start and end of the hackathon!

Nitty gritty details

  • The Future of Blockchain University Hackathon is a 4-week virtual event taking place at the end of July 2023

  • We are requesting $8,500 to cover the operating costs of the event (including marketing, logistics and infrastructure)

  • A further $6,000 would be dedicated to prize money for hackathon challenges

More info on the team behind Encode Club
Anthony | CEO and Co-Founder
Eomji | Head of Research & Programmes
Laura | Head of Talent
Vanessa | Marketing Lead
Yasen | Growth Lead
Katerina | Ops Manager

You can find more info on our team here! We’re a friendly bunch who work together to produce high-quality educational programmes in collaboration with the best in the web3 space!