Partnership with Compound

Hey all,

Ma names Calum, come from Scotland.

Been worlking on We operate an organization designed to distribute life-changing opportunities to people.We work with companies, organizations and Institutions in Blockchain Technology, Quantum Computing, Edge & Cloud, Deep-Tech and Early Ideas. We currently work on a large scale distribution effort across several remote and metropolitan economic zones. We work with key stakeholders at all levels of the emerging technology supply chain. We primarily work to distibute better opportunities in finance, access to education and new affordable technologies.

We have been working across East & West Africa for the last month, where we have been distirbuting an ultra lean L1 at a community and Instiutional level. We believe distirbution is held back by technological culture, so we are on a mission to produce mass adoption by breaking down the tech for the everyday user, on the assumption that not all of our commuinity will have time to educate themselves on blockchain technology In the near future as well as using the technology.

We create entities worldwide that are able to operate the 1ndependence supply chain to distirbute better opportunities to people, 1ndependence has founded M4daraka In Kenya as well as Blockchain Buildr Nigeria. We will detach all of these entities as soon as they are operationally capable, we pay a very fair wage regardless of background, as well as look to train young people aspiring to change their lives and the lives of those around them.

We have been very operations heavy but the SoMe is coming out right now and we are picking up the pace. We have reached several thousand people In the first month as well as attracting Interest from a ton of high profile talent, we Intend to boostrap the operation by providing services and working with Industry leaders, as the name suggests we believe In Independence.

In order to acheive total Independence for all Involved, we must work with Industry leaders as early as possible.

I would be happy to discuss a partnership with Compound if you had some spare time in the near future.