Compound's Governance

Hi folks, I am a researcher working with Josh Tan and Michael Zargham @metagovernance which you can find more information here:

We are a research collective working with various legal and academic experts in crypto on an industry-wide survey of blockchain governance, and we’d like to invite Compound to participate. Since Compound is collectively-governed, we’d love to see a wiki-style response from the community itself! You can view our survey here Compound Governance - Public Assessment - Google Docs. Please help us fill it out—it could be as simple as dropping a few links or summarizing a few key governance posts from this forum!

Participating in the assessment will help the community better understand Compound’s governance and how it compares with other major blockchain projects (especially important because a lot of other blockchains have forked Compound’s governance), and help make governance better and more transparent for the entire ecosystem. All data and analysis will be made public at the end of the assessment period.

If you’d like to see what a completed assessment looks like, you can see a bunch of examples here Participating Projects - Wharton Cryptogovernance Workshop from projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Uniswap, Tezos, etc.

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