Lego DAO -- promoting Compound's governance standards

Hey Compound community — I want to introduce you all to Lego DAO, an experienced new group working on DAOs / governance. We think there’s a lack of flexible, well-aligned governance frameworks that serve the current crypto / ownership economy space, so we’re taking a client-driven approach and connecting existing standards like Compound Governor and Gnosis Safe. We think this approach is kind of a no-brainer, but for various reasons, no one is actively promoting these standards — we want to do that.

We’re currently working on an MVP and should have work to share in the next month or so.

We think the Compound community might be interested in this for a few reasons:

  1. Practical benefit: since we’re basing a large part of the MVP on the Compound governor contract, our project might lead to greater adoption of the governance contract and UI standards used by Compound. The more projects are using those standards, the more new tooling, research, and community practices will flow back to benefit the Compound community.
  2. Investment: in the future, if the Lego DAO project does launch a governance token to help direct development, early funders will be included in the distribution, so if Compound gave a grant for some of this work in the future, it would receive some of those governance tokens.
  3. Legacy: as we promote these standards, we’ll also be implicitly promoting Compound, i.e. free PR painting Compound as an important leader in the governance space. We’re in talks right now with projects lke Yearn, Gnosis, DXdao, Lido, Prime DAO, Orca Protocol and others: these are the kinds of folks we’d be promoting the standards to.

We’re building in public, so you can generally find up-to-date info in our notion:

Lego DAO Notion

Lego DAO Twitter
Lego DAO Telegram

Questions & discussion welcome!


Strong recommendation to not use LEGO in your naming/branding - you will be forced to change this eventually, it is a registered trademark that cannot legally be used out of context