Compound Growth Program Working Structure

The Compound Growth Program was recently approved for a 12-month term by the Compound Community. We thank all community members and delegates for their continued support and for recognizing our efforts in growing the protocol.

The trial phase helped us understand the potential for Compound, from a business point of view. The trial phase also provided ample opportunities for us to learn and improve. With the new term, we have expanded our scope to provide growth opportunities for the protocol on multiple fronts, through a clear understanding of what has moved the needle for Compound as the oldest DeFi protocol.

With our bigger push, we have also increased our dedicated Compound team to better manage the program’s 1 year tenure.

Forum Profile Role Socials
@bryancolligan Program Lead Linkedin Twitter
@joebjornsen BD lead and Chain relationships Linkedin
@rossgates Operations lead Linkedin
@sharp Grants, partners and launch operations Linkedin
@sebyverse Marketing Lead Linkedin
@JeffMorrell Communications and Content Lead Linkedin
@pashabergman (Woof Software) Engineering PM Linkedin
@dmitriywoofsoftware (Woof Software) Engineering lead Linkedin

The extended AlphaGrowth team is also available for assistance to the Growth program in case workload increases.

We are still hiring for :

  1. DeFi Data Analyst to help model out incentive structures.
  2. A BD team member from a traditional banking background to bring Compound into TradFi.
  3. A Community manager.

If the community knows anyone who would be a good fit for one of these positions please have them email or respond here on the forum.


Dear Compound Team,

I am writing in regard to the Community Manager position at Compound. I am immensely excited about this opportunity to join such an innovative and forward-thinking company. I’ve been following up with your project for a while, and I’m excited to apply for the position of a moderator, I’ve reviewed the job specification and researched your company, and I believe I have the skills, experience, and approach to perform in the role.

I believe I would be an excellent Community Manager for Compound because of my extensive experience in social media and community management. I have a proven track record of successful engagement with users and have a deep understanding of what it takes to build and maintain an online community. Additionally, I have strong Defi knowledge with past experience which you can find in my CV I provided. Thank you for your time and consideration.



contact social: