[AlphaGrowth] Growth Program Weekly Updates

Hey Compounders, The Compound Growth Program recently kickstarted the 12 month term. As we increase our efforts in various directions aiming for the growth of the protocol, this forum thread will serve as the primary channel of communication with the community. We will update the Community every week on the key conversations, launch operations, grant updates and more.

As always please feel free to reach out to us if you have any suggestions

Update for the Week of June 3, 2024

The weekly update covers key conversations, launches and activities for the week starting from Monday June 3rd,2024. Going forward we will be posting updates every week for the Growth efforts to be visible to the community.

New and Ongoing conversations

  • Vaultcraft: Vault strategies and grant distribution mechanisms for Compound
  • Lucidity: Potential partner for Grant Distribution
  • OKX Cefi: Major Whale on Mainnet USDT market, in talks for bringing them to Arbitrum USDT Market
  • Origin Protocol: Potential collateral OETH for Mainnet ETH Market
  • Swell: rswETH as a potential collateral on ETH Market on Mainnet
  • Mode: OP Stack L2, as a potential chain for Compound Deployment
  • EtherFi: weETH Collateral for ETH Market on Mainnet
  • Stader: ETHx collateral and Polygon USDT Market discussion.

Forum Posts and Lunch Operations

  • [Market] Add Market ETH on Optimism , Currently up for voting, Proposed collateral assets for the market
    • rETH
    • wstETH
    • sfraxETH
    • cbETH
  • [Chain] Suggestion against deploying Compound on NEON EVM for the foreseeable future Link
  • [Collateral Asset] Commitment from Growth Program to work on weETH collateral asset for ETH market on Mainnet Link

Grant Ops

Currently, there are 4 grant opportunities in various stages and statuses.

  • Current grants in Pipeline

    • Arbitrum LTIPP Grant [1.8M ARB]
      Final formalities completed for Arbitrum LTIPP grant distribution. The Grant is supposed to be streamed from the first week of June. With the existing rewards contract not ready, we will be using Layer3 as a method for distributing the grants to users. We will be sharing execution details at the shortly to introduce the current mechanisms to the community

    • Optimism Growth Grant [150K OP]

      KYC verification in progress. ETA on grant distribution is unknown

  • Filling applications for 2 grant programs

    • Optimism RetroActive Public Goods Funding

      Applications filled for the RetroPGF grants. The total pool is 10M OP tokens. We thank @arr00 , @adam , @Gauntlet , @dmitriywoofsoftware and @pashabergman for helping in the technical aspects of the grant application

    • Optimism Onchain Summer Grants

      Currently being explored

Execution of current Grants

  • Arbitrum LTIPP Grant will be allocated shortly, we will present the distribution plan

Marketing Operations

  • The Growth team unlocked a potentially groundbreaking integration for Compound with a partner. The details for this integration will come in the future as that integration materializes.
  • Fixed Income Summit: The growth team has booked a booth to attend the Fixed Income summit to diversify the Compound userbase and explore onboarding tradFi into Defi with Compound
  • Marketing Activities currently being planned to augment the Arbitrum Grant Distribution

Development Updates

Updates by @pashabergman & @dmitriywoofsoftware

  • Current and completed projects
    • New Arbitrum WETH market: the market was deployed, successfully ran all actions, and successfully enacted migration. GitHub PR
    • New Optimism WETH market: the market was deployed, successfully ran all actions, and successfully enacted migration. Waiting for configuration.
    • Added collaterals to Mainnet ETH market: the market was deployed, successfully ran all actions, and successfully enacted migration. GitHub PR
    • New Polygon USDT market: the market was deployed, successfully ran all actions, and successfully enacted migration. GitHub PR
    • Listed COMP on Superbridge. GitHub PR
    • Created Dune Dashboards for Arbitrum LTIPP
    • Rewards System Improvement: delivered smart-contracts part, delivering back-end part by EOW. Forum post.
  • Planned projects
    • Push on-chain proposals for new markets.
    • Update DeFi Llama
    • Rewards System v3

Great to see new markets being introduced. Awesome work, AlphaGrowth and Woof!

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Update - Week of June 10, 2024

The week focused heavily on deploying two new comets on chain and making final preparations for adding new collateral proposals. Also the team was busy with planning for Grant distribution

New and Ongoing conversations

  • Conversations with Balancer for support on chains
  • Conversations with Kraken for Compound deployment

Forum Posts and Lunch Operations

Grant Ops

  • Arbitrum LTIPP Grant- Ongoing- Received the first tranche of 300K ARB. The growth Program is currently in final stages of implementing a grant distribution mechanism with Layer3, Merkl, VaultCraft and OKX.
  • Optimism Growth Grant - Received the first 40% of the Grant from the Optimism Foundation. The Compound Growth program is yet to claim the grant.

New Grants in pipeline

  • Polygon Grants for Compound being explored

Execution of current Grants

  • ARB Grant - Distribution yet to be started, summary will be posted here and on a separate forum post
  • OP Grant: Claiming and distribution yet to start, more details will follow

Marketing Operations

  • Marketing Operations for ARB Grants to being soon

Development Operations

Development Operations being worked by