Compound Growth Program 2024 renewal


  • TL; DR;
  • Wins
  • Why Compound Growth?
  • Priorities and Plan for Growth
  • Contribution & Why Our Team is Essential
  • Budget request breakdown
  • Our Processes
    • TL; DR;
    • Our base operational process
    • Special Considerations
    • Marketing
      • Targeted Advertising
      • Quests
      • AMAs
    • Software Development
    • Appropriate Use of Funds
    • Impact & Transparency


AlphaGrowth proposes the renewal of the Compound Growth program for a tenure of 12 months.

The Compound Growth program’s 4 months trial phase is over. We will continue to grow the Compound Protocol.

Our focus will generate TVL, users, borrowing activity and ultimately increase the treasury of the protocol.


The trial phase of the growth program, which spanned from December 2023 to April 2024, was successful in achieving a number of key milestones that will define the growth of the protocol in the coming year. For reference we accomplished the following wins in the last 4 months

  • Launched Compound on OP network 2 weeks ago (currently $5MM TVL)

  • Secured $3M grant from Arbitrum for Compound
  • Kick started the process to launch USDT Markets on 4 existing chains
  • Currently upgrading the rewards contract to be able to distribute rewards simultaneously in multiple tokens
  • Marketing campaigns saw the following results:
    • USDC on Arbitrum saw active users increase from 1.6K wallets to 14K wallets and user counts are still rising.


  • OP USDC market achieved 6000 active users in the first week of marketing the deployment.


  • The following new assets are in the process of being listed:
    • LRTs: ezETH, weETH, rsETH
    • LSTs: rETH, stETH, wstETH
    • Native: USDC(Base), USDC(ARB), USDC(OP), USDC(Polygon)
    • Proposed(Not Ready): gmBTC
  • Started Integrations:
    • Sommelier Finance Vault → Automated position management
    • Qi Dao Base Integration → PSM for Base Link
    • BaseSwap Link
  • [PENDING] One $500K grant from an ETH L2
  • [PENDING] Two separate $5MM Bootstrap & $500K grants from two EVM L2s
  • [PENDING] Three $1M launch incentive grants from three ETH L2s

The trial phase of the growth program also presented opportunities for us to explore the strategies that work for Compound. We learned that some opportunities (like the following) take more time and effort.

Why Compound Growth?

The time to act is now, propelled by a combination of market, technology, and trending macro dynamics that uniquely position us to seize emerging opportunities. Currently, over eight blockchain networks have expressed interest, with three already committing verbally to provide $1 million each in incentives to support our launch. This surge in interest coincides with the need to deploy the ARB grant strategically, ensuring we capitalize on this moment of heightened engagement and potential growth.

On the technological front, we’ve broken new ground with the creation of a multi-token reward contract—a first of its kind, exclusively available today because of our innovation. This isn’t just about having cutting-edge technology; it’s about utilizing it effectively. Like a high-performance vehicle, it requires a skilled driver to navigate the path ahead, and we are uniquely equipped to steer this initiative towards success.

Macro trends further underscore the urgency. Recently, Compound experienced a significant dip, losing $400 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) as cryptocurrency prices, including ETH and BTC, have fallen. To counteract this and bolster our platform, it’s crucial to diversify by adding new assets and expanding our markets. This will not only help recoup the lost TVL but also enhance the flexibility and options available to our token holders, making our ecosystem more resilient and adaptable to changing market conditions.

Priorities and Plan for Growth

  • Total Value Locked (TVL) Expansion: Aim to increase TVL by $500 million across new and existing markets.
  • Treasury Growth: Target generating $10 million in treasury growth for the DAO, ensuring the Growth program is cost-neutral.
  • Market Development: Launch 8-15 new markets, including USDT markets on all applicable chains, with a focus on high TVL opportunities.
  • Chain Expansion: Expand Compound to 4-6 additional blockchain networks, implementing quantitative criteria for chain selection.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Establish high-value, industry-first partnerships and continue leveraging incentives from collaborations.
  • User Acquisition: Significantly increase over 25,000 new users, leveraging successful campaigns and focusing on L2’s and new market launches solutions
  • Infrastructure Expansions: Evaluate reputable partnerships for key infrastructure such as bridges and oracles and collaborate with new partners as new opportunities arrive.

Growth methodology

Asset and Market Expansion: During our initial trial period, a significant focus was on enhancing ways to grow and sustain Compound. This next phase aims to bolster our financial foundation while expanding our market presence strategically. We plan to launch between 8 to 15 new markets, with a particular emphasis on USDT markets, setting a standard for new market criteria to ensure each has the potential for at least $20 million in TVL. This approach not only drives growth but also assures that the benefits to the DAO outweigh the costs of the Growth program.

Chain Integration and User Growth: We are set to push for expansion onto six more blockchain networks, making substantial inroads in Chain integration by setting precise, quantitative selection criteria. This method will help the community understand the advantages and challenges of each new deployment. Furthermore, our user acquisition strategy has already shown promising results, with significant increases in user numbers on platforms like Arbitrum. By continuing to focus on Layer 2 solutions and securing more partnerships with entities like Revolut and OKX DeFi, we aim to dramatically expand our user base and strengthen our market position.

Through these strategic initiatives, Compound is poised to not only expand its footprint but also to solidify its standing as a leader in the decentralized finance space, driving forward with confidence and innovative vigor.

Contribution & Why Our Team is Essential

Compound operates within a dynamic and complex ecosystem, characterized by its decentralized nature and reliance on multiple contributors. Maintaining both high-quality standards and timely engagement in such an environment requires obsession. Our behind-the-scenes conversations play a critical role in reinforcing Compound’s reputation as a consistent and reputable platform that is now ready to get creative in working with emerging market players.

Our team has spearheaded 15 key proposals and discussions during the trial phase of the Compound Growth Program, encompassing a range of topics from market expansions to contract upgrades. We our committed to driving Compound’s governance forward.

Moreover, our proactive approach in generating new ideas and executing spontaneous projects has generated positive feedback and enthusiastic engagement from the community. These initiatives not only demonstrate our ability to anticipate and react to market needs in real time. Fostering the ongoing evolution of the Compound ecosystem.

Our business development team is unrivaled in the cryptocurrency space, comprising 14 dedicated professionals who span the entire spectrum of marketing, business development, and sales engineering. This allows us to identify new opportunities, close deals, and seamlessly integrate new partners, maintaining Compound’s competitive edge. Managing over 400 groups within the Compound framework, our use of sophisticated CRM tools and data analytics enables us to monitor and adapt to the ecosystem’s evolution effectively.

We are continually approached by other ecosystems seeking our expertise to expand their operations, which attests to our reputation and success in the field. The growth and sustainability of the Compound protocol have been significantly influenced by our contributions, and we are eager to continue this trajectory, preferring to enhance Compound’s stature rather than shifting our focus to another entity.

In summary, our team not only contributes to but critically sustains the growth and innovation at Compound. Our ‘secret sauce’—a combination of expert knowledge, strategic foresight, and comprehensive execution capabilities—sets us apart from the competition and is essential for the continued success and expansion of the Compound ecosystem.

Budget Request Breakdown

Our budget ask is neatly segmented into nine essential components, each crafted to bolster various facets of Compound’s growth and operations. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Operations

  2. Strategy & Data Research

  3. Protocol Expansion & Business Development

  4. Development Fund

  5. Marketing Operations

  6. Grant Consultation

  7. Marketing Fund

  8. Integration Grants

  9. Governance Delegation

  10. Liquidity Support

Strategy & Operations

The service fee, at 3350 COMP/month, covers all costs associated with running our expansive program. This includes five critical areas of the growth program operations, which we’ve detailed below:

  • Scope 1: Strategy & Data Research: Tasked with uncovering new growth avenues, our team ensures the DAO is well-informed and ready to act on emerging opportunities.
  • Scope 2: Protocol Expansion Operations: We cover end-to-end deployment of chains, markets, and strategic integrations. Our previous successes, like the deployment on the Optimism network, highlight the intensive resources and effort involved, justifying the continuation and expansion of these efforts.
  • Scope 3: Development Fund: Our technical team is geared up to support the protocol expansion with dedicated coding resources, ensuring swift and efficient integration of new markets and chains.
  • Scope 4: Marketing Operations: Led by the former head of growth of the Near Foundation, our marketing team is set to supercharge Compound’s visibility through targeted campaigns and influencer partnerships.
  • Scope 5: Grant Consultation: Securing grants for Compound from ecosystems and partners. We’ll handle everything from writing applications to distributing grant incentives on behalf of Compound. We will be good stewards of grants received on behalf of Compound.

Marketing Fund

Our marketing fund, allocated 1542 COMP/month, will drive demand through dynamic events highlighting new integrations and deployments within the Compound ecosystem. The recent surge in active users on the USDC Arbitrum market from 1.6K to over 8K exemplifies the impact of our strategic marketing efforts.

Integration Fund

The integration fund we had in the trial phase proved to be extremely useful. Set at 1542 COMP/month, focuses on expediting development and funding strategic initiatives that enhance Compound’s infrastructure and capabilities. To build up on this, we are now solidifying the requirement for an Integrations fund that will fund strategic initiatives that otherwise would not be funded due to multiple limitations. (like CGP ceiling of $30K for Grants)

Governance Delegation

To influence governance effectively, we are seeking a 100,000 COMP delegation, representing a quarter of the votes necessary for decision-making in proposals.

Liquidity Support

We aim to get COMP listed as a collateral asset and enhance market functionality. To do this requires reaching $15MM in COMP and $15MM in counterparty token on a dex listing. We don’t know if we’ll have to supply all of the liquidity to reach $15M or if this is a zero to one problem and once a pool is created liquidity will flow in organically. To reduce risk we would like to create a COMP pool on one chain and bootstrap the first 10,000 COMP from the treasury as bootstrapped liquidity to overcome the zero to one problem of pool creation. We will learn from the outcome the best path forward to getting COMP listed as a collateral. These initiatives are designed to deepen on-chain liquidity and reduce slippage, crucial for efficient COMP to USDC swaps.


Fund Monthly Ask (COMP) Total Ask (COMP) Description
Strategy & BD 975 / Month 11,700 Service Fee
Grant Consultation 825 / Month 9,900 Service Fee
Marketing Operations 450 / Month 5,400 Service Fee
Development 550 / Month 6,600 Service Fee
Launch Operations 550 / Month 6,600 Service Fee
(Asset, Chain & Market Execution)
Marketing Fund 1,542 / Month 18,504 Returning Fund
Integrations Fund 1,542 / Month 18,504 Returning Fund
Total 6,434 / Month 77,208
Existing Funds -997 Trial Integration fund remainder
Existing Funds -965 Trial Marketing Fund remainder
Outstanding Total 6,270.5 / Month 75,246

Through these structured funding requests, we aim to propel Compound into a future marked by robust growth, innovative expansion, and enhanced governance participation—all while ensuring the protocol remains a leader in the DeFi space.

Operational Process


As a business development, marketing & sales engineering organization, AlphaGrowth will continue to use the following processes and approaches to accelerate execution while working on deals involving a dozen or more stakeholders.

Our base operational practices remain the same whether we are listing a new Token, Market, or Chain, each initiative has special considerations and additions to our base process. For example here is the process we’ve identified for listing Compound on a new chain <Link>, it involves 71 steps, 9 approval phases, and 8 organizations. Our ability to turn decentralized communities into discrete manageable processes, is what allows us to scale.

Operation Process Table of Contents

  1. TL; DR;
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Our base operational process
  4. Special Considerations
  5. Marketing
  6. Software Development
  7. Appropriate Use of Funds
  8. Impact & Transparency

Base Process

Market Research

Whether launching a new chain, asset or market. Every opportunity AlphaGrowth pursues for Compound starts with extensive market research: Our team leverages our internal insights platform with its over 31 million on-and-off-chain data points, 108+ connected chains, and real time data ingestion & processing. Using real-time market data we identify the best potential integrations for Compound. We’ve currently tracking:

  1. 58,224 token projects
  2. Our network with close ties to 5,545 Dapp partners
  3. Hundreds of DEXs of which we have close relationships with 18.
  4. 50+ EVM based chains suitable for a Compound Integration

We scan for partners with deep liquidity, healthy metrics and a positive attitude toward Compound for potential collaboration.

Risk Analysis

Next we perform integration risk checks for target partners, and collaborate with risk analytics partners to identify all variables associated with adding the partner to the Compound ecosystem.


Once the research and risk analytics phases are concluded, the real fun begins. Our team reaches out to shortlisted partners, pushing narrative and advocating for the partner to get involved with Compound.

Sales Engineering

AlphaGrowth works closely with both the prospective blockchains, token projects and the integration teams to analyze the viability of integration. AlphaGrowth tracks technical infrastructure requirements to be able to launch new chains, tokens & markets with Compound. We identify any blockers and architect solutions that will be carried out by our developers if the partnership advances.


If a 3rd party ecosystem, treasury or dapp are involved, AlphaGrowth negotiates with the 3rd party to ensure the partnership’s success. For example, we ensure partners:

  1. Bootstrap pool launches by supplying sufficient Protocol Owed Liquidity.
  2. List their tokens in a timely manner and according to Compounds marketing schedule.
  3. Align incentives for win-win-win integrations.

Integration & Marketing

AlphaGrowth then collaborates closely with the teams of selected projects to ensure integration and deployment is on track. We also ensure adequate co-marketing campaigns are run with the integrating team to spread awareness for the integration

Special Considerations

Each potential integration has a unique set of criteria that must be met for the opportunity to be considered a positive addition to the compound ecosystem. For Chains we target ecosystems whose goals are aligned with Compound’s and will work in the best interest of Compound to increase TVL, utility and revenue. For Tokens, we look for deep liquidity, healthy metrics and a positive attitude toward Compound for potential collaboration. For partnerships to increase TVL, we look for DeFi platforms with meaningful TVL generating potential through their existing audience and that audience’s interest in taking advantage of the opportunities Compound provides.

Each partnership is different and the hundreds of conversations we’ve had for compound (and input from Gauntlet and the community) help us steer toward the best ones.


Apart from the core business development activities, AlphaGrowth will also engage in auxiliary growth and marketing efforts to forward Compound’s cause. These will include:

Targeted Advertising:

AlphaGrowth works with the Blockchain Ads team. Blockchain Ads has a proven record in reaching the right people in a very targeted manner, providing personalized advertising, curated based on people’s on-chain behavior. Such as their most recent campaign for the Compound Academy.Blockchain Ads enables user acquisition at scale, and the ability to get Compound’s offerings in front of the owners of high value wallets.

How Blockchain Ads performs Traffic Source Stacking.

  1. High incentives are advertised to make participation worthwhile for big bag hodlers
  2. Blockchain-Ads target crypto enthusiasts based on their on-chain activity.
  3. Ads link DIRECTLY to a well-designed quest on Layer3.
  4. Users who click are taken straight into an interactive experience, increasing the chance of conversion.

Why a smooth experience increases conversion and retention

  1. They reduce friction by directing ad traffic straight to take an action through a quest. The quest format gamifies onboarding while teaching users about Compound and its partners. Completing the quest then earns rewards, solidifying the users first positive experience.


Layer3 has been very successful creating a collection of quests and streaks aimed at acquiring, onboarding, engaging, and retaining users on Compound V3, together called ‘Compound Academy’.

The quests guide users through Compound V3, Compound Extensions, and Compound Governance.

The Compound Growth program will lean into this strategy as new chains and markets are launched.

Twitter AMAs:

The AlphaGrowth team will work closely with DeFi communities to organize AMAs featuring Compound Integrations.

Market each new opportunity for users to participate with Compound. We use tools like Blockchain Ads to target users by their wallet addresses ensuring highly relevant content is delivered to traders with the highest chance of converting (based on their historic activities).

Software Development

The Development program has 4 main areas of focus: deployment of new markets, development of new features, protocol maintenance, and consulting.

Woof Software will work in tandem with AlphaGrowth to advance Compound through the continuous development of new features, community initiatives, and markets, as well as protocol maintenance, and support of external developers who want to contribute to the Compound Protocol.

During the previous 3 months, Woof Software has trained its team with in-depth details of the Compound Protocol codebase and on-chain proposals deployment. We’ve also established working relationships with OpenZeppelin, and Gauntlet to build a quick and effective development flow. Currently, Woof Software receives its requirements from the community and Compound Growth Team (AlphaGrowth).

Current projects

Project Status
USDC market on Optimism Delivered
USDT market on Optimism In development
LRT/ETH market on Ethereum In development
Rewards System Improvement In development
LST/ETH market on Arbitrum In development
USDT market on Polygon In development
LST/ETH market on Optimism In development
LRT/ETH market on Arbitrum In development
FranklinDAO Consulted
Mode Consulted
Delta Neutral Vaults Design and planning

Development Process

The program aims to establish long-term processes that will benefit each party involved in the delivery of new features.

Focus areas

  • Deployment of new markets: Deployment of new markets with different collaterals on new and existing chains
  • Development of new features: On-demand development of new features like Comet Rewards V2.
  • Consulting: Developers may directly reach out to the Woof Software team, or ask questions in the Discord development chat [see example].
  • Protocol Maintenance: Development and updating of such infrastructure components as Compound.js, updating information on aggregators like DeFi Llama, refactoring of documentation, etc.


  1. Forum: When we start working on a project we will post an outline with estimated timelines to the forum. We will update the forum thread after each step in the outline has been achieved - as well as in case of any changes. We will reply to any questions on the forum within 2 working days.
  2. Community calls: We will attend all Community Calls in Discord and provide transparent updates.
  3. Monthly Forum updates: We will post updates about all ongoing, delivered, and planned projects during the month.


  1. Deliverables will be open-sourced and stored in the Woof Software GitHub repository.

  2. Deliverables include

  3. Forum Discussion

  4. Documentation

  5. Deployment if applicable

  6. On-chain proposal

  7. Post-deployment support

Appropriate Use of Funds

For funds allocated as marketing fund or integration fu; AlphaGrowth will conduct a Post-program audit to list out all the expenses incurred and activities associated with these categories. Any unspent funds assigned to these Categories will be returned back to the Compound Treasury at the end of the time period of the program. With the exception of the liquidity bootstrap loans which will stay in place until the Compound Community votes them returned to the treasury.

Impact and Transparency

To align incentives for AlphaGrowth to go above and beyond. At the end of this 12-month engagement AlphaGrowth will propose a performance bonus to be voted on by the Compound Community. This bonus will also be a signal for AlphaGrowth to proceed and take on further responsibility within the Compound ecosystem.

At AlphaGrowth, we like doing business in public. To keep the community informed on the progress and ensure transparency, AlphaGrowth will provide:

  • Monthly reports on the progress of BD activities (12 reports)
  • Quarterly Progress reports highlighting various deals in the pipeline, successful integrations, closed deals and learnings (4 reports)
  • A database that gives all the program specific information to the community so that the members can come, verify and inquire about the process.
  • Post program analysis and report about spends on budget categories 3,4 & 5
  • We have kept track of the 130+ calls we’ve taken on Compound’s behalf, and will make our call logs available upon request

We welcome any input or feedback from the Compound community on our proposal.

Operational Launch Process:

Adding Compound to a new Chain or Market

Hey Compound Community, we’ve identified the following process to streamline approval & execution when adding Compound to a new chain. Please let us know if there is anything missing that we should add.

For Inbound Chain Requests

  • Provide an application where chains to apply
  • Review the form to make sure it was done correctly, provide feedback to the chain

For Outbound Chain Requests

  • AlphaGrowth identifies target chains based on their histories, TVL, etc …
  • AlphaGrowth sells the chain on a potential collaboration with Compound, requesting incentives and responsive engineers.
  • AlphaGrowth works with the chain to answer an initial pass of questions to qualify their chain as a potential candidate.

Is this a viable business opportunity?

  • AlphaGrowth provides the chain’s answers to Gauntlet
  • Gauntlet provides a soft Go-No-Go
  • AlphaGrowth provides the Chain a template to post their desire to work with Compound on the Forum from their organization’s account.
  • The community waits for Gauntlet to reply on the forum that they will start their independent analysis.
  • Gauntlet’s independent analysis usually takes 1-2 weeks
  • Gauntlet Approves or Denies. This is a FINAL decision, if Gauntlet denies the opportunity stops :stop_sign:If Gauntlet approves the opportunity continues :green_circle:

Does the Chain have an Oracle?

  • ChainLink supports the chain → Continue to Finding Builders :green_circle:
  • ChainLink does NOT support the chain
    • Chainlink says “We will never support” → Opportunity Stops :stop_sign:
    • ChainLink is in the process of supporting this chain → Wait & Continue :green_circle:
    • ChainLink will but wants to be paid. AlphaGrowth goes to the Chain and tells them they need to pay chainlink to build the integration.
      • The chain is unwilling to pay → Opportunity Stops :stop_sign:
      • The chain will pay → Wait & Continue :green_circle:
  • Redstone is also vetted as an oracle and can be contacted

Who will build the Compound Integration?

  • AlphaGrowth finds a team to build the new chain’s Compound Integration.
  • AlphaGrowth asks for a development timeline to hold them accountable.

Who will fund the builders?

  • AlphaGrowth finds a team to fund building the Compound Integration.
  • First AlphaGrowth approaches the Compound Grants Program (Questbook).
    • AlphaGrowth shares a high level proposal
    • If Questbook soft approves, AlphaGrowth provides a template for the development team to post their plans on the questbook public forum.
    • If Questbook approves the funding → :green_circle:continue
  • If Questbook refuses to pay, AlphaGrowth tells the chain to pay for themselves
    • If the chain says yes → :green_circle:continue
  • If the Chain can’t fund it, AlphaGrowth may deploy our own grant funds. At this point we need a Really Good business reason to do so. → :green_circle:continue
    • If AlphaGrowth won’t fund it the opportunity stops :stop_sign:
  • When funding is secured, move to auditing the chain.

Is the chain secure?

  • AlphaGrowth asks Open Zeppelin to Audit the Blockchain/Token and submits for consideration Gauntlet’s Approval, Funding Approval & Open Zeppelin’s Template Form
    • Open Zeppelin Rejects the Blockchain → Opportunity Stops :stop_sign:
    • Open Zeppelin Approves → :green_circle:Continue
  • Audit Approvals Received [Open Zeppelin & Gauntlet]

How much initial liquidity can be provided?

  • AlphaGrowth meets with the compound growth DAO to negotiate how much initial liquidity they can provide on the new chain. Topics include how much liquidity the chain itself is providing. Supplied liquidity is not spent, it still belongs to the treasury and has been placed to overcome the cold start problem for the new chain.
    • Compound Growth DAO will supply sufficient Liquidity → :green_circle:continue
    • Compound Growth DAO will NOT supply sufficient Liquidity → :yellow_circle:
      • Is there sufficient liquidity elsewhere to continue forward?
        • Yes → :green_circle:continue
        • No → :stop_sign:stop
  • Sufficient Initial Liquidity is committed to continue

How will the new chain be accessed?

  • AlphaGrowth meets with Compound frontend to include the new token when the integration launches. If the pool isn’t on the front end, it’s practically unusable.
    • Yes → :green_circle:continue
    • No → :stop_sign:stop and wait for a yes and a firm timeline.

Will the community approve?

  • AlphaGrowth asks a delegate to make an On-Chain Voting Post using the Chain’s original forum post (copy-paste)
  • The Delegate publishes the On-Chain voting post
  • AlphaGrowth comments on the Chain’s original forum post informing the community that there’s an on-chain vote with the link. Very simple post: Update: Approved by Gauntlet, Approved by Open Zeppelin, we’re starting an on chain vote. Here’s the link.
  • The on-chain voting takes 3 days
    • The vote fails → :stop_sign:stop
    • The vote Passes → :green_circle:continue
  • Approval is Received on-chain to build a Compound integration on Y chain

Development & Deployment

  • AlphaGrowth activates the team who agreed to build the integration
    • AlphaGrowth checks in regularly to ensure they stay on schedule
  • The Development team gets to work
  • Developers build the contracts
  • Developers Meet with Open Zeppelin and answer all OpenZeppelin’s security concerns.
  • Developers publish the contracts on test net
  • Developers ask Open Zeppelin to review the contracts after they’ve been up for a week
  • AlphaGrowth asks Open Zeppelin for an audit timeline and holds them to it.
    • Open Zeppelin says the audit is good and the contracts look good on Testnet
    • Open Zeppelin finds problems → :yellow_circle:slow and fix
      • Open Zeppelin feedback process. :recycle:
  • Open Zeppelin Approves Test Net
  • Developers Push the contracts to Mainnet
  • Open Zeppelin audits the mainnet deployment
  • Open Zeppelin approves of the mainnet deployment
  • Compound Contracts are LIVE & Approved on Mainnet

Launch Processes

  • AlphaGrowth completes the Asset listing process
  • AlphaGrowth completes the Money Market Listing process
  • AlphGrowth prepares a Marketing & Advertising Plan
  • AlphaGrowth pushes frontend changes to the website.
  • The website changes go live
  • AlphaGrowth kicks off the marketing & advertising plan

Hi all,

I support this proposal and was intending to vote for it yesterday, but unfortunately I had some technical problems with my old ledger wallet and didn’t have immediate access to my seed phrase to restore it on a new ledger. If this proposal is submitted again I intend to vote in favor of it.

I think the Compound Growth Program has been a success so far, and the team is bringing some much needed initiative and strategic vision to help advance the protocol and take advantage of opportunities (eg L2s, external grant funding and incentives, etc).

I want to apologize for not getting my vote in on this, and any issues or inconvenience this causes to the growth team and other COMP voters/community members.


Thank you for the support!

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Based on @monet-supply support we will be reposting the proposal for vote next week.

We would like to thank everyone’s support who engaged.

Some other learnings we found is that Governance in Compound doesn’t work like other protocols to determine quorum. Abstain and Against do not calculate into quorum which is not how most other governance works. As certain delegates divested, quorum and governance needs revisited.

One change we were asked to do is reduce our delegation from 100k votes to 50k votes. We agree to this change.

Also would be happy to discuss any objections from @she256 .


The request for delegation is non-executable in the up-coming on-chain proposal. We will be creating a separate on-chain proposal to request delegation

Hello AlphaGrowth team,

Our vote here would have been to abstain although we did not formally vote on chain. The view internally was very mixed. In particular, we think the financial ask is too high. We will be in touch with you separately to give feedback.

The Avantgarde Team