Compound UI Grant


Here is an information and tracking post for the Compound UI grant.

The project’s source code is available here: GitHub - Nma-DeFi/compound-ui

As of today, the farming screen is completed: Farm

And HTML mockups of the other screens have been created:

Further updates will be posted in this thread.

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I’ve been following this grant over from the Compound V3 Alternative UI and I don’t understand the reason for doing this “alternative front-end”?

What is the painpoints that have been observed with users (in what target group?) that has prompted this project, and what KPI’s will validate if the project solved the problem / provided the intended value for the target users?

I ask because I see no mention of target user groups (for example with Persona’s or equivalent), use-case scenarios, research (usability tests, interviews, observation) on what doesn’t work on that this “different UI/UX” will solve for. And without that, it’s really difficult to give any feedback on the UI/UX of this project.

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This project isn’t aimed at addressing any particular shortfall in the existing interface. By introducing an additional interface, the goal is to provide users with a wider range of choices.

Furthermore, having a backup interface in case of issues enhances the protocol’s robustness.

Being open source, this project enables other developers interested in building on Compound to draw inspiration from the code.

I also want to emphasize that I’m open to collaboration and encourage contributions and feedback on this project.