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Hi Team,

With the help of CGP and Compound community members(@allthecolors, @adam, @cylon, @jbass-oz, @kevin, @harsha), we made academy website for Compound here:

This post is to show our work and get your feedback. Intent is to have really great content, even if we need to redo it all.

We made these 12 guides and a timeline:



Tell us what you think of the content and the site. We really value your feedback.

We’re also working with platforms like Uniswap (a bigger scope project).

We added a rating feature a couple of weeks ago for “Fuse” and received positive comments about our step-by-step guides.

Please let us know how we can improve and what other educational content do you think we can add?

My nerdy mind have some ideas:

  • Course on deploying compound on a chain
  • Course on adding a new asset (all detailed steps)
  • Course on making a new compound extension

We can also make a course on extending compound III, but the source code and official docs are clear and detailed.

Thank you again for your support!


We have extended Compound Education and have added a AI chatbot that has most of the information related to Compound. Here is a quick demo.

You can access the chatbot by clicking on the highlighted link on

Looking forward to your feedback :grinning: :pray: :christmas_tree: :santa:

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