Creating a Dune dashboard and educational materials for compound v3

Hey y’all!

I just built out a skeleton dune dashboard for getting high level metrics on any comet proxy :slightly_smiling_face: It’s worth noting Dune has an API now, so all of these queries can be used anywhere across the ecosystem.

I’m writing a proposal to build out more user-level analysis, as well as a writeup and youtube video explaining the technicals of the protocol (making it more accessible for developers and analysts to understand). Here’s my latest work for Sudoswap.

I’m requesting $10k USDC as a start (a mix of COMP is fine too).


I don’t have the COMP minimum to make a snapshot proposal; not sure if someone can help propose for me or temporarily delegate to me so I can make one?

It seems that there are enough people in the discord interested in having a dune dash, and having educational materials around key queries will make it much easier for people to fulfill data requests in the future.

@rleshner @adam

I agree that a dune dashboard is something the community will appreciate. Why don’t you start with a forum thread poll right here?

good idea!

Fund Andrew $10k for an overview Dune dashboard of protocol metrics and user positions (educational material included too).

  • yes
  • no

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Here’s an example of some of the educational material I’d create. I find these kinds of state/action charts make the protocol a lot more digestible for most analysts and developers. I’d do another chart or two covering liquidations and present value/rates, and explain them all in depth in a video.

I believe these will help enhance your docs and help as a general FAQ too.

This is awesome, I definitely think we should fund Andrew to do this, and it would be a mistake not to. I also hope it includes liquidation and reserves analyses/tables!


Very nice Andrew! Don’t hold COMP, can only vote here and support :).

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