IPFS Based Frond End Of Conpound

Hi guys, Im Max from 4EVERLAND, a cloud computing platform of Web3.

Our platform enables devs to quickly deploy and host IPFS-based front ends in 3 mins without any plug-ins or configuration changes, meanwhile compatible with web2 access and provide global acceleration services.
IPFS-based front-end can better protect data security to make the project more decentralized development, and based on IPFS can help projects explore more web3 possibilities.
As we all know, Compound has been actively developing its front end better and launching ‘openfrondend’ such programs.
I wonder if we can work with the official or community developers to build a decentralized front-end based on IPFS for Compound and advance the development of Compound web3.

Please reply to me if there are ideas or intentions.
Hope to advance web3 together with you!