LPs and devs, I will show you the world’s first crypto hack blocking system

:mechanical_arm: BlockSec is thrilled to announce the launch of Phalcon Block, the world’s first crypto hack blocking system! We welcome you to book a demo at our website.

You must be wondering: what is Phalcon Block? How can I benefit from it?
Let’s get started. :point_down:

What is Phalcon Block?
Phalcon Block is an automated attack monitoring and blocking system. The system:

  • minimizes false alarms while ensuring no threats go unnoticed
  • automatically initiates a blocking transaction when detecting attacks

How can I benefit from Phalcon Block?

  • Protocol devs: secure TVL & DAO treasury funds
  • LPs: withdraw assets in time before attacks
  • Fund managers: rapidly liquidate holdings in extreme scenarios
  • Exchanges: adjust token pricing or suspend relevant trading promptly

Can Phalcon Block effectively block hacks?
Phalcon Block is the only security product with proven records of blocking crypto hacks. Over the past two years, it has successfully thwarted 20+ real-world hacks, rescuing over $14,000,000 in assets!

How can I access the service?
:sunglasses: Book a demo at our website to communicate with our security experts and learn how Phalcon Block can help you defend against hacks!
Notes: You can visit our website and read the blog article “BlockSec Launches Phalcon Block: The World’s First Crypto Hack Blocking System for Web3 Security” to learn more about Phalcon Block.