Open Price Feed Live

As discussed previously, we’d like to see the protocol migrate to the Open Price Feed. We’ve been tracking our development publicly in the forum, on GitHub, and in Discord.

We’ve been running testnet deployments on Kovan and Ropsten for ~10 days. Yesterday, a proposal was passed on Ropsten to utilize the new price feed. We’ve also been posting prices to mainnet for ~1 week.

The full details of all the deployments can be found in the GitHub pull request. The code can be saddle matched from the open oracle repo linked above.

We have engaged Open Zeppelin to audit the proposed price feed, as well as Certora to specify formal verifications of properties of the contracts.

We are operating an aggregator, where anyone can easily fetch our mirror of the reported prices to be posted to the oracle. These prices are also readily available directly from each reporter, via their public APIs. We’ve also created a notebook to make it easy for anyone to post the current prices to the chain at any time.

We’ve put together a prices page, to make it easy for everyone to check the current state of the system. Of course, all this information is also available on-chain, without any dependency on our infrastructure.

Please help us test the new price feed and ensure its quality, so we can safely upgrade the protocol!

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