Penn Blockchain Delegate Platform

Delegate Address: 0x070341aA5Ed571f0FB2c4a5641409B1A46b4961b
Forum: @pennblockchain
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Running Thread

Here, we’ll start a running thread where we voice our opinions regarding our decisions to different proposals on the forums. We also encourage the other university groups involved with compound governance (@ucla, @blockchaincolumbia, @madhavvats(ChicagoDAO), Blockchain at Michigan, etc.) to create a delegate platform as well.


For Background, hello everyone! We’re Penn Blockchain (@PennBlockchain on twitter), a leading, completely student run blockchain DAO from The University of Pennsylvania for both our undergraduate and graduate schools. The club currently has over 100 members and we’re expecting many more each semester!

Penn Blockchain has committees covering Governance, Research, Education, Business Development, and Development/Web3. On the governance side of things, our team has different members leading governance initiatives for different protocols we have delegations for. Other current Penn Blockchain delegations include Maker, Aave, Uniswap, DyDx, Optimism, etc.

Each week, governance leads will share updates with the club about new proposals and we will all debate about what to do before voting with our wallet. Our internal voting process takes place on the weekends and is an equal weighted democratic process. Proposals that will expire before the weekend are debated on our internal messaging platforms with a majority vote being our overall end vote.

We look forward to staying active within Compound and thank the community for their hard work!

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Return Accidentally Sent Funds #3

We voted FOR: Following the precedent set in #2 and rules outlined in #1, we vote to return these accidentally sent funds with the penalty.

End Getty’s Contributor Grant

We voted FOR: Why work for Compound when you can create a Compound? :joy: In all seriousness, we appreciate @getty’s contributions and thank him for his valuable work during the early days. We wish you the best of luck with Interest Protocol :slight_smile:

Enable Sending ETH from Timelock (Revised)

We voted FOR: Interesting quirk with the Governor that we were not aware of. Glad this functionality was added in and we thank @arr00 for his contribution and well deserved COMP bounty.
FYI: @compoundteam, if there’s any other quirks that need a-fixing, we’d love to take a crack at it!