Rating Compound DAO’s maturity with DAOmeter

Hey Compound community,

I’m Ann the Governance Researcher on the StableLab team, and we recently launched DAOmeter, a maturity rating system for DAOs.

The goal of DAOmeter is to serve as a public good by providing an effective method of evaluating and benchmarking the maturity levels of various protocols. This is achieved through a scoring system that encompasses key categories within protocols, such as Community, Voting, Documentation, Security, and more.

Based on our evaluation, Compound has earned a maturity score of 66%.

We noticed that Compound doesn’t have Community Stewards (community moderators) or working groups, which contributed to a lower score in the Community category. Is this intentional or is this something you are considering organizing in the near-future or have considered in the past? Additionally, your native token is above 90%, which can affect the overall score.

I want to clarify that a lower score doesn’t necessarily mean that Compound is less decentralized. We provide a 40-page report on the breakdown of the score and the research methods behind DAOmeter, which you can find here.

As we’re committed to the continuous improvement and development of this tool, we’d love to hear from the broader community. Please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, and insights with us as we work to improve the DAOmeter scoring system.