[RFC] Torque Protocol Integration


Hello Compound community,

Our Comet integration is live on Arbitrum and Torque USD becomes the first stablecoin built directly on an interest rate protocol (at least in this fashion from my best understanding). Generally, Torque facilitates seamless, non-custodial wealth generation for global savers and accomplishes such through automated routes. The point is all about enabling a convenient user experience via accelerated interactions.

Here’s a quick demonstration and transaction for reference.

System Design

Borrowers enjoy powerful capital efficiency as Torque multiplies the effect of deposited collateral. Borrow rates need not to be lower than the yield we provide access to through Boost for Torque to be a helpful saving tool, but when they are, our automation presents unseen opportunity in consumer finance.


Torque’s code is open-source and yet to be audited. If you’d like to try Borrow now, please use an insignificant amount. We’re arranging the budget for initial audits and have received a handful of quotes, including for live monitoring. This is not financial advice and we’re grateful for any support in this area.


It’s an honor to stand on the shoulders of a giant such as Compound. I’m very much interested to hear your feedback, answer Qs, and look forward to exploring further collaboration. Stay tuned for our total release in due time and many thanks to the community/CGP 2.0 for supporting in our formative days.

– Cameron Conrad, Founder

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Our audit comp has come to a close and Torque has been released. Find the latest contract versions below and Torque USD (TUSD) remains at the same address as linked previously.

BTCBorrow: 0x9eD7f8115B3fA401cd7DdE5E59a8056a3Ec8cEB3
ETHBorrow: 0x3B7cEF8320F0F3aF601eD33D0cC39a68b2fB37cA
TUSDEngine: 0xfdf7b4486f5de843838EcFd254711E06aF1f0641


Good day all,

Torque now not only supports loans in TUSD, but USDC as well.

Additionally, a fresh set of contracts have been integrated incorporating credit line separation.

We converted our Borrow contracts into factories to achieve such and invite feedback.

Contract Address
BTCBorrowFactory 0x838BAB799B1360baAd90e572405650B9a1BFF57A
ETHBorrowFactory 0xD6B1E016139972922AB6E4a94c065d5eCD8B18B1
SimpleBTCBorrowFactory 0x0eD2CF32cBf676Ad8D1202937aEE40FB3397d7bd
SimpleETHBorrowFactory 0x8e9b8E64a448a09cB1476f835771E6A064e780b3