Setup cCOMP voting

Similar to the proposal on setting up cUNI voting, it’d be interesting to get the community’s take on enabling a multi-sig setup for enabling COMP lenders to vote on governance proposals.

One of the things that we’d always like to see is an enhanced representation of different voting interests for topics under deliberation for Compound; but one of the segments that we seem to be cutting out is the community of COMP holders who are actively lending out their COMP to the protocol. As it is structured, COMP is meant to be a token representing governance - and not something that (yet) is representative of value/claims on the underlying reserves. The market liquidity of COMP is about 2.2% of the circulating supply - which is not insignificant in terms of the weight it could add to votes. To this extent, shouldn’t we be enabling such lenders the capability to also add their voice to discussions and their vote towards the same?

Similar to what @arr00 proposed, it could be good to delegate the weight of these votes to the community multi-sig, which could potentially monitor the net COMP in the protocol (lent - borrowed) + the reserves for a period of a week prior to the vote & combine that to a net representation of ayes and nays from voters (weighted by the amount of cCOMP in wallets). Might even be possible to add a discount factor to the resulting vote given that ownership of underlying COMP assets is somewhat dissociated from the owners - but that is something I’d love to hear people’s feedback on as well.

Would also be grateful to hear how hard this might be implement from a technical standpoint.

Any thoughts/comments?