Two year Compound history, one graph

Amounts borrowed of each tier one stablecoins on Compound, two year history. Since these three coins make up almost all the borrowing, and all the income in the system comes from borrowing, this is a first approximation of the Compound protocol’s relative income over time.


The community is leaving, the users are leaving, and the CEO is staying abstaining.

No more than 20 people vote on the forum, DAU is below 300, market share is decreasing, Discord and Twitter are still unmanned.

Defi won’t die, Compound will, if the team keeps this strategy.

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I would say this is really bad for $Comp, I have also been wondering if really I’m investing in the right project or not, I have been buying $Comp from all the way $600 till now​:broken_heart::triumph: -95% from ATH is sickening and the Devs are just talking about watching movies and stuffs! After what happened to $Luna, I’m really scared of that I’m invested on $Comp right now

So far, no portion of revenues on Compound goes to COMP holders. :sweat_smile:

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isnt necessary, they steal from users, play game with community and made profits on market. Now they are ready to become “Defi leaders” for sector regulations. Agave protocol today compensated all the losses that users suffered from exploit. Agave mcap - 2m. If we compare Compound reaction after Coinbase oracle “exploit”, its obvious which protocol is blue chip