Unable to pay back USDC loan

I tried to pay down my USDC loan a few times. Although the transactions were completed, the USDC still stay in my ETH address and the loan was not paid. How can I resolve this problem? Thanks.

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Hi, Guys,

Here is the error that appeared in the logs. What does it mean exactly? I tried 6 times last night and 1 time tonight but got the same error. How can I resolve this problem? Thanks.




Failure (uint256 error, uint256 info, uint256 detail)[View Source](javascript::wink:

  • 0 0x45b96fe442630264581b197e84bbada861235052c5a1aadfff9ea4e40a969aa0
  • error :12
  • info :60
  • detail :0


My problem has been resolved.

Something similar happened to me you’ll just have to try later and hope it accepts the transaction