Trying to Lend USDT from Ledger Nano S, Green Circle Just keeps spinning, Help Please

I was able to successfully connect my device and inputted $1000 USDT to lend, I also confirmed everything on my Nano S and the Green Circle just kept spinning. I was also charged the transaction fee, but seems that was not confirmed. Is there a thread to on how I can fix this, I want to participate and lend. Any advice?

I was charged 0.01018534ETH (approx $4) but my $1000 USDT didnt seem to make it into the pool? I see no transaction of balance record on the Comp Finance page of my money making it into the pool. Confirmed everything on the Nano S, the Green Circle just kept spinning. How can I be changed ETH if the contract didn’t execute(my USDT balance on my Nano S hasnt changed). Any advice?

Contract Info:

Block the transaction took place on:

Paid to the miner here:

Mining pool who received by Ether

It’s normal. For any asset you supply/borrow to Compound there are 2 transactions. First you approve contract to use asset (that needs to be done only once per asset) and then you actually do supply transaction. There supposed to be second transaction which you never send. You only approved USDT (enabled it) Go to compound and do supply again. This time it would be only 1 transaction as you already approved it with you previous transaction. Everything should work fine for you.

Thanks, it worked! I tired to do another transaction and the same thing happened again. I think I must not have enough Ether to pay the gas. I will deposit more Ether. Was using that address only for USDT.