Community building is very important

There is still a lot of room for improvement in the community construction of compound. In the telegraph group, there are many fake official compound groups cheating many users, which will cause a lot of bad effects on a new thing. Now there are so many loan projects, and the models are almost the same. How to build a better user communication community, user education, and let more people understand and use compound is the key to the development of this project.

I come from China, where there is the second largest virtual currency user group in the world, but many people still don’t know enough about compound. I hope to join the company and help the company establish more tutorials and communication communities about compound, so that more people can learn about compound

@q10336951 thank you for flagging this issue :pray:

There appear to be 5 scam TG groups impersonating Compound, and scamming users. Compound Labs will be taking action to remove these groups.

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Is there a Chinese community in compound? Or consider building a Chinese community to develop the Chinese market? I’d love to help