[Gauntlet] Update: ARB Supply Cap on Arbitrum USDC.e

The ARB supply cap in the USDC.e comet is almost reached. Gauntlet does not plan on increasing the supply cap given that the USDC.e comet will be less prioritized when native USDC on Arbitrum is launched. If the community would like otherwise, please let us know.


Just to provide some more color here, Compound Labs is currently working on launching a native USDC Comet on Arbitrum with the same set of assets/risk parameters as the USDC.e market (more details to come). Since Circle has made it clear that they intend to migrate all USDC.e liquidity to USDC and eventually deprecate USDC.e altogether, we believe that it is best to leave the USDC.e market as is while we wait for the native USDC market to launch.

We welcome the community to offer their thoughts on this topic as well.