Lost all of my comp and ccomp randomly?

I am relatively new to comp in general I guess, more so than I apparently thought. I’m sure there is a reason, but I lost all of my comp ccomp without ever borrowing any other my collateral. I had only 1 comp in supply just sitting, and then I added some dai and eth and now… Well I’ve somehow made my 1 comp disappear in the process?

I really would appreciate a response and explanation to this as I have no idea what to think about this right and am pretty upset by it. I had my whole defi plan just about where I wanted it to be… then boom this happened…

Someone please help me, I would really appreciate it. my pockets aren’t so deep that I can shrug this off without thinking about, and I had big plans for that comp of mine :frowning:

you check on etherscan? put your public address in etherscan and find out. If you cant, put address here

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