I lost $950 to cDAI/DAI/Bittrex, my idea to prevent others from the same

So I was introduced to Comp and cTokens through Exodus wallet provider, and all seemed to be going according to plan. Except once I attempted to use my cDAI “just as you would regular DAI”, and lined them up to send to Bittrex and do some day trades, but wouldn’t you know it? The address and transaction synced up no problems and whooosh transaction successful and confirmed within 30 seconds, noice, but what’s this D:,’ my transaction never arrived because Bittrex no longer supports cDAI and their only remedy to my woes is for me to pay a reasonable fee of $4500 to recover my $950 in DA… I MEAN CDAI. I am losing my home at the moment now, so let’s prevent others from this circumstance.

My eth coding wisdom is a bit… lack luster, more like shack-cruster I’d say. But even with my ignorance of them there syntax I would still imagine there has to be a way to differentiate and flag cToken tnxs attempting to go to their parent coin, right? I’m going to tack on the screenshot of the Exodus desktop app’s explanation and instructions for using your cDAI, because it almost feels like this was intentionally worded in such a way, possibly to line the pockets of the COMP lending pool perhaps? All speculation of course, I’m just grasping at the void of where the straws should be, because there’s no way for me to get out of this chasm I’ve grown accustomed to.

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Dai, cDai, Comp are all ERC20 tokens. They exist on Ethereum network and as such in ethereum address. Any Ethereum address is able to hold, recieve and send any ERC20 token.

The thing is exchanges are commonly known to designate specific ethereum address for specific token ONLY. And they specifically mention that any other token send to that address would be lost. Though technically, as this is still ethereum address it is able to recieve and hold any ERC20 token. And since exchange have key for that particular address only exchange can recover (send back) tokens from it. Would exchange do it or not or how much they want to charge for it is their choice, as per terms of service.

As for your complain about wallet, there is no way for wallet to know if destination ethereum address is somewhat “special”, and only want to recieve a particular token. As technically it isn’t special in any way, it’s only the rules of your exchange making it special. All ethereum addresses have same functionality and can hold any number of different erc20 tokens.


I really do appreciate your response with actual information that’s actually educating me here, up until now I’ve just gotten nothing but vague and ambiguous responses to everything I’ve asked. So in the sense of mitigating further mistakes to be made by others, could there be some sort of way to have some sort of unique tooth or signature that only cTokens would match or complete? Like I said I’m greener than Frog on a football field when it comes to raw coding, especially ethash and scrypt, been mining SHA256 for years and years though and can dissect the logs for bugs. Is there any way I can, forgive me if I sound like a homunculus, write a contract to register the address under my name? Swinging for the fences here, might score a touchdown for a walk off overtime triple salchow alley-oop.

For the record the funds have been stagnant on a contract viewable on Etherscan.

Appreciate any time or neuron synapses aimed towards my dilemma. Dark humor is like food, not everyone gets it.

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they could have some auto revert if funds are sent to them if its a contract but if it’s not I doubt that they are going to pay the gas fee to sent it back to you

It is a contract and they’re just stagnating currently. I even offered, what I think is more than sufficient taxation, a 50/50 split and I offered to cover the gas for it. Good ol rep Bubba J essentially scoffed and simply retorted “I wish there was some feasible way for me to help you, but other than the 0.25 BTC option, there is nothing I can do.” Why in Bruce Willis’ hairline is it such a outlandish and firm number? Real greaseball stuff, I’m just glad I didn’t have a larger portion of my eggs in that coupe, half those birds are wolfs dressed in feathers. I have considered it a loss almost entirely, may or may not pay some chan anons to troll them out of spite, but the effect of that won’t outweigh the mercenary contracts… I’m just calling it a big oof. Thanks for your input though everyone. I’m still going to invest in the compound initiative, it has the best trajectory for success out of all non-fiat orgs IMO. Cheers