Lost cDAI tokens sent from Exodus to DAI wallet on Bittrex

I committed about $900 in DAI to the cDAI wallet on Exodus and decided
I wasn’t interested in putting my savings there, so I attempted to send it to Bittrex to do some trades with it. The transaction gave me the green checkmark and said everything was OK, so I sent it and now they are stuck in a contract and Bittrex is saying they will recover them for me at a fee of .25 btc, which is over 4x the total lost. Why would the wallet allow me to send to a regular DAI wallet if it’s incompatible without so much as a warning or a cautionary message? The way it was worded on Exodus led me to believe all I needed was eth as gas for the transaction and would of been treated as regular DAI with the interest automatically added. I am looking at financial ruin from this situation, is there any way for me to recover the tokens?

Unfortunately, Compound is unable to fix this issue. You’ll need to work with the exchange where you sent the tokens or with your wallet provider.

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I keep getting this vague answer from everyone I reach out to, and no progress is being made in a time sensitive situation. The only slight progress is the offer from Bittrex of $4500 to retrieve it, which makes absolutely no sense at all. What actually needs to be done physically or technically? Because I am at my wits end and it feels like I’m smashing my head into a brickwall here. When you guys say “Work with” someone, what “work” needs to be done? This is literally my livelihood at stake here and I have less than a week to figure it out or I am homeless and unemployed in the winter up in the mountains with no friends or family within hundreds of miles.

There is nothing which can be done by Compound. You sent a token to Bittrex which Bittrex doesn’t support. Bittrex has full custody of the token, but will charge you to go in and manually return it to you.

I understand that they have to do it. What do they have to “do” to get it? What in the world justifies charging $4500 for the job? What does it take to manually return it? Their first born child? Thats 5 times more than what I lost and thats more than I make in a month.