Supplied DAI to compound but anything happened and fees got deducted

Hi, I have supplied DAI to Compund but anything happened. I did first the approval transaction and then the supply transaction.

The supply transaction is terminated, fees deducted but still in Compund I cannot see the supplied DAI. Is there a way to see what happened?


لا يمكن رأيت DAlونرجو التعاون معي واكثر توضيح وزيادة ارباح والتشفير والتوضيح والحفاض على مجهودنا كلنا

I only speak english, sorry

It’s a welcome idea, I believe it can happen

Tried to supply DAI again to Compound, again got 5$ fee deducted but DAI are not supplied. There is no support from Compund platform?

You should provide or analyze the ethereum transaction, which is accessible if you know the transaction hash.

This is the last transaction that I have done to supply DAI to compund. I’m do not see any action in it

There was an insufficient allowance error emitted. This means that you need to approve cDAI to withdraw DAI from your account. This in generally done when you enable an asset on the Compound frontend.

Thank arr00. I can now send DAI to Compound!


Hi , I experienced a similar problem cashing out my BAT , a cBAT wallet appeared & records show I sent to my other wallet but I never received anything, I’m a confused novice & don’t understand what happened looks like my funds disappeared

Can you please help me ?