Noob with smart contract headaches

I’m 6 months in new to the crypto world and I’ve done quite alotttt of airdrops the past month so many that twitter banned my account for the retweeting part of the tasks lol so I’ve got two questions how and where can I find the tokens that went too exchanges and how do I do the contracts I’ve ran out of eth alotttt trying to figure it out any help will work thank you

If you haven’t made any pairs your gonna be lost for words I understand so your contracts are very much buried on etherscan you’ll have to go over your transactions with the wallets you used to find the created smart contracts like I did. And once you recognize your transactions with what ever air drops you partook in if it’s your you’ll be able to tag your name to it on etherscan so if you guys have not noticed at the start that etherscan was the one instruction to monitor your transactions so go sign up for an etherscan account and go go get.